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IT PEERS, in close collaboration with the Brisa Technologies and Systems Division, recently completed a project to define a hybrid cloud architecture for Brisa, which combines a public cloud and a private cloud to build a global architecture of services of new generation infrastructure in a "Software Defined Data Center" logic.

At the public cloud level, a special emphasis has been placed on information security, as it is recognized as the main concern and the most important barrier to the adoption of the public cloud paradigm. Regarding the private cloud, the proposed architecture aims to respond effectively to the mobility and high availability requirements defined by Brisa.
The new architecture will enable Brisa to use all its assets from the Lisbon and Porto sites in active/active mode, since all components of the data center are virtualized, including network and storage. All this solution will be later orchestrated and managed with the OpenStack platform.

It was also considered the possibility of the private cloud being extended to the public cloud in IaaS format through the creation of virtual machines in the cloud.

"The exploitation and use of all levels of abstraction provided by the latest information and communication technologies allow us to increase the return on investments we have made over the years and decrease our operating costs. The use of public cloud, in an orchestrated way with our private cloud, is in this sense also extremely relevant because, in addition to allowing us to have elasticity, it allows us to boost value creation by paying only for the cloud services we actually use.The collaboration of IT PEERS with Brisa has been essential in the last 10 years for the implementation of our strategy and, given the excellence of the work developed, we will colaborate with them in the next years!" - Rui Sousa Gil

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