The Municipal Public Company Agere - Water and Waste Company of Braga, EM was born from the transformation of the Municipal Water and Sanitation Services into a Municipal Public Company on January 1, 1999, in order to better serve all Municipality of Braga, whether they are water consumers, users of the public sanitation network, or users of the public refuse collection service


Brisa is one of the world's largest highway operators and Portugal's largest transport infrastructure company. Brisa has a permanent attitude of leadership through innovation and is positioned as a transversal supplier of mobility solutions.

Odd Consulting

Odd Consulting is a Portuguese company that provides consulting services specialized in the pharmaceutical industry.


In today’s rapidly evolving market, customers constantly demand greater value, search for unique services and require an authentic relationship with the business and the staff.


Desafio do Cliente With the rise of services provided by this city council, the heads of department have noticed an increase in complexity to manage the activity of their teams and, consequently, improve the quality of services provided to the citizens. In order to accomplish that, the need was found to collect services and departments information in useful time and in a way that will allow the decision makers to promote decisions that will improve their teams’ performance.

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