At IT PEERS we understand that each client has a history, a culture and a special way of operating. That's why we develop customized solutions (products, services and teams) to fully meet the needs of our customers, supporting them in achieving better levels of performance, efficiency, and therefore satisfaction.


Nors Group operates in four large business areas ranging from machines to after-sales follow-up and recycling solutions to protection solutions.

Odd Consulting

ODD comes up with the Mission to find solutions that make this "Traditional Pharmacy" feasible today, providing a set of services that allow them to strengthen their management capacities.

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BNP Paribas

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Câmara Municipal da Trofa

Trofa is a municipality in the north of the Porto metropolitan area in Portugal. The population in 2011 was 38,999, in an area of 72.02 km²

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BPI (Portuguese Investment Bank) is the largest private bank in Portugal.

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The Navigator Company

The Navigator Company is the leading European manufacturer of uncoated printing and writing paper and bleached eucalyptus pulp.

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Cascais municipality is a cosmopolitan suburb of the Portuguese capital (Lisbon) and one of the richest municipalities in Portugal.

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Retail Consult

Retail Consult is a software house with extensive experience in software solutions and information systems to the retail sector, supporting its customers in the implementation, improvement and maintenance of its software solutions.

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Oracle is one of the largest enterprise software companies in the world, providing a range of tools for managing business data, supporting business operations, and facilitating collaboration and application development. Besides its offers in the database segment, where it leads the market, the company also presents business applications for data warehousing, CRM, and SCM.

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Microsoft is the largest software company in the world, with leading offers in all segments, from the desktop to the data center, covering productivity solutions, messaging and collaboration, business applications, entertainment, among several others.

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  • João Prudente, IT Director Matosinhos City Council Office

    Multipeers became our natural choice as a means to instantly provide consistent information to decision makers. Some of the most important indicators are the ones for Human Resources [...] and customer service....
  • Ana Silva, ODD

    Our customers recognize Multipeers as the strategic tool that provides real-time visibility of their critical business performance, enabling analysis and ongoing improvements to be made, which optimizes their business operations’ agility and effectiveness.
  • Maurício de Mattos, Project Manager of Nisus Technology

    The approval was immediate and the Customer (Promex) is largely satisfied with the dynamism in the management of information and decision making.

    The collaboration of IT PEERS with Brisa has been essential in the last 10 years for the implementation of our strategy and, given the excellence of the work developed, we will colaborate with them in the next years!

    IT PEERS has been a key partner in the technological evolution of Agere over the past five years. The excellence of its resources and services, combined with its flexibility and full availability to support us on issues that at times are of high complexity, have been key to the performance of our systems and applications.

    "Our area of ​​systems infrastructures is gaining from IT PEERS services. IT PEERS has been a partner of excellence and its adaptability and innovation are undoubtedly an asset to the good performance of our systems and applications. "

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