Tendências tecnológicas a não perder de vista em 2018


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Multipeers4Fleets comes as a response to a problem presented by companies operating in the transport sector. Managers in this area often complain about the lack of management information as well as the lack of direct visibility for all decision-makers. As it's necessary to seek information from a variety of systems, this spents a lot of time and some information is lost along the way, damaging future decisions.


To survive in a global economy, companies need to possess tools that enables them to enhance the agility of their business decision making process, empowering them to respond far more nimbly to rapid market changes.


DO YOU STILL PROTECT YOUR SENSITIVE DATA BY PUTTING IT AWAY IN A DRAWER? Imagine an innovative solution that can help you meet data privacy requirements and improve the quality of your development processes.


IT PEERS's success stems from its constant focus on technological innovation and quality, which allow introducing competitive advantages that translate into excellence in the developed solutions, which are invariably delivered on-time, on-budget and on-quality. This is reflected by the solidity of its national and international customer portfolio, which covers a wide range of sectors and industries.

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