IT PEERS event in Mexico was a real success

The event organized by the Portuguese company with the support of the Portuguese Embassy in Mexico brought together some of the largest technological organizations in the World. One of the objectives of this event was to introduce Portuguese technology in the area of ​​data security and business monitoring to Mexican entrepreneurs. 

"It was a great honor for us to be able to bring together representatives of some of the world's largest technology companies, who readily agreed to be present at this IT PEERS initiative," said Jorge Duarte, CEO of the Portuguese company. "In addition to wanting to make our solutions known, we also wanted to grace the companies that have always trusted us in this market that is known to be extremely competitive. We are in Mexico since 2014 and despite all the difficulties along the way, we are very satisfied with everything we have achieved", he adds.

The event featured a lecture led by Jorge Roza de Oliveira, where he addressed the strategic importance and relevance of the Information Technology sector in Mexico. PROMEXICO, a Federal Government agency responsible for coordinating strategies to strengthen Mexico's participation in the international economy, spoke about the Mexican market's interest in diversifying its technology alternatives and Jorge-Alberto Yarte-Sada, International Senior Business Advisor of IT PEERS , presented the history of the Portuguese company as well as the challenges and achievements in the Mexican market. There was also time for the delivery of certificates to pioneers customers of IT PEERS solutions in that geography. ANTAD, La Reinera, Mobility ADO and Sendica Education were recognized whit a certificate that had the objective of thanking the trust placed in the technology that IT PEERS develops, namely through the product Multipeers, that monitors all the activities of a company in time real.

IT PEERS prepares event in Mexico

IT PEERS will organize, with the support of the Portuguese Embassy in Mexico, a business event that aims to consolidate the national company's commitment to the Mexican business market. Present in the Mexican market since 2014, IT PEERS intends to continue to develop strategic alliances with renowned Mexican companies, as well as to increase its customer base in this geography.

"We are very proud of the fact that we are preparing an event together with the Portuguese Embassy in Mexico, as it is a sign that our company has been successful in a market as competitive as the Mexican market. We want to show the quality of Portuguese technology with other Mexican companies and we also want to pass the message that we are there to win, "said Jorge Santos Silva, Latin America Business Director, 

The business event will take place on April 19, between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm, and will take place at the Embassy of Portugal in Mexico. In the event, there will be a small talk about the strategic importance and relevance of the Information Technology sector in Mexico, led by Jorge Roza de Oliveira, Portuguese Ambassador to the country. Then, the Commander of Portugal in Mexico, Sérgio Pérez, will talk about the interest of the Mexican market in diversifying its technological alternatives. Finally, Jorge-Alberto Yarte-Sada, International Senior Business Advisor of IT PEERS, will give a brief summary about the experience of the Portuguese company in the Mexican market.

"IT PEERS has had a very positive course in Mexico. Despite being an extremely competitive market, our technological solutions meet the needs of Mexican companies. We are very happy with this event because we feel it is the recognition by the Portuguese Embassy for our efforts, dedication and achievements over these four years, "says Jorge-Alberto Yarte-Sada.

IT PEERS and GTS Colombia sign partnership for RAAS

Present in several geographies since 2011 with the products Multipeers and Datapeers, it is time for IT PEERS to advance to the internationalization of RAAS (Recovery as a Service). RAAS was developed jointly with IBM in 2012 and after several tests in the domestic market, IT PEERS feels that this is the right time to internationalize this product.

RAAS is a dedicated infrastructure with selective replication, with the possibility of almost instantaneous disaster activation on virtual servers in a remote environment. IT PEERS has been in the market for some time in search of a partner that would meet the necessary conditions to market RaaS and after a long research work, the company chosen was GTS from Colombia.

GTS is a large Colombian company that has more than 300 clients in the government sector and operates in markets such as Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Panama. "GTS is an active and experienced partner that has a lot of notoriety in the market and this for us is also very important. In addition, GTS has a very modern tier 3 data center that will allow us to be able to provide an excellent service to the end customer, "says Jorge Santos Silva, Latin America Business Director.

The Colombian market was chosen due to the positive dynamics that it presents with the modernization of its technological park. "We believe that due to government regulations that regulate aspects such as data security and privacy, we have an important window of opportunity to insert RaaS into this market," concludes Jorge Santos Silva.

IT PEERS and U3: Joint Venture Agreement on the Way

For the first time since its beginning, IT PEERS will enter into a Joint Venture contract. The company chosen for this particular partnership was U3, a Brazilian technological company that operates in the area of ​​Insurance.

The association between the two companies already has a year of intense negotiations and the result of this whole year of work is a co-branding that will mean an increase in the product mix of both companies. This product bundling follows a verticalisation strategy started this year by IT PEERS with the creation of Multipeers4Fleets, a business monitoring system fully designed to serve the transport sector.

The native integration of Multipeers and Blackbird (U3's insurance solution) will be marketed in a PaaS platform (platform as a service) and will allow a vertical specialization for the insurance segment for the retail area, corresponding to the expectations and requirements of customers and large distributors. "Throughout this year, and after approaching the major players in the Latin American market, we feel emerging needs in this business segment and it is with great pride that we will soon be on the market with this solution," says Jorge Santos Silva, IT PEERS Latin America Business Director.

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