IT PEERS presents new partner in Brazil: get to know Vertude

Brazil is one of the priority markets for IT PEERS and it is with pride that the company announces a new partnership in this geography.

Vertude is a Brazilian company based in São Paulo and specializing in the development of business and customer relationship channels through telephony, with automated voice interaction - AIV (Automated Interaction by Voice) and SMS. Provides a complete automation service, from receiving the customer base, connections, interaction and reports. You can track all online operations through a set of web reports.

Vertude's partnership with IT PEERS is focused on the Multipeers product, a business monitoring system that allows you to analyze all events in real time. Vertude complements its offering with an innovative product capable of making a difference in the management of any company.

"We are already present in Brazil since 2013, but we continue looking for specialized partners with all the conditions to represent our products. Vertude is the ideal partner to represent us and we are confident that this association will bring positive results very soon, "says Jorge Santos Silva, Latin America Business Director of IT PEERS.

Ricardo Brasil, CEO of Vertude, is very optimistic about this partnership. "Our expectation in this partnership is very great. The potential of the Brazilian market for tools such as those developed by IT PEERS is enormous. Vertude already works with the largest Brazilian clients in the Banking, Magazines, Telephony and other important sectors of the economy, providing great commercial possibilities in the near future".

IT PEERS has a new partner in Portugal: meet bwd

bwd is a company founded by professionals with deep experience and know-how in the field of information management. It was created based on the need of Portuguese companies of information management systems at the level of the best in the European and world panorama and that they provide them with a reduction of costs, increase of the productivity of the employees and acceleration of the launch of new products and services in the Marketplace.

IT PEERS identifies with this vision of the company and it was due to sharing common goals and the great mutual trust that the partnership naturally came about. "bwd has a very strong focus on the data generated by the companies and on the impact that the analysis of this data can have on the business. We immediately identified a possibility of partnership, since our products (and in particular Multipeers) act on data management and information analysis. We are confident that together we will have a winning and widely differentiated offer in the market, "says Jorge Duarte, CEO of IT PEERS.

"More than consultants, we are data scientists, passionate about the potential of business data and the impact of information analysis on decision making. Our partnership with IT PEERS brings us closer to our goal of empowering executives with all the information they need, every day, at all times and in all places, "adds Adriano Ribeiro, President of bwd.

TJA chooses Multipeers4Fleets to monitor the state of its fleet

TJA is a transportation company that started its activity in 1947, when João Pinto do Amaral acquired its first van, thus starting the activity in the road haulage sector. TJA - Transportes J. Amaral, SA., is today a reference company in the sector with one of the largest fleets operating in Portugal.

The company has grown over the years in a sustained way and the monitoring of the new requirements of the market triggered the need to implement a business monitoring system, soMultipeers4Fleets was TJA's choice.

"We believe that Multipeers4Fleets will bring a number of benefits to TJA, particularly in terms of reducing operating costs and quickly detecting and solving problems with fleet management. Our choice fell on this solution as we realized that it is quite complete and will allow us to follow the business in its entirety, providing concrete benefits that will translate into improvements in our efficiency, profitability and service level to our customers, "said João Manuel Amaral, Director General of TJA.

At this moment, the implementation of Multipeers4Fleets in TJA, in close collaboration with AN Consultores, is in its final phase and when it is finished it will be possible to analyze, at any moment, the status of each vehicle of the fleet through the connection to the telemetry systems, as well as monitoring various company indicators on different business areas.

"The choice of TJA as a pilot company for Multipeers4Fleets was a natural process for us, as it is a leading company in its sector with a high technological development and that bets on innovation as a motor of development. In addition, the excellent human capital that it has, the high professionalism, know-how and organization of its employees, have made TJA the ideal partner for the finalization of this new product specifically for the transport sector ", completes Jorge Duarte, CEO of IT PEERS.

IT PEERS presents new service offer

The new IT PEERS service offer aims to make a difference in the technology market and keep up with the latest innovations in the sector, by providing services that help companies in their day-to-day lives.

Multipeers4Fleets presented at Supply Chain Meeting

Multipeers4Fleets was presented at the Supply Chain Meeting, an event that took place on April 4 and 5 in Vila Franca de Xira, a city next to Lisbon. The Supply Chain Meeting is an event organized by the Logística Moderna Magazine and focuses on Logistics and Transportation. The objective of the 8th edition of the event that is being held as "the largest Logistics Conference in Portugal", is to facilitate relations between companies operating in these sectors.

Multipeers4Fleets, a product that results a partnership between IT PEERS and Alberto Neves Consultores, was a success among those who passed through our stand. Multipeers4Fleets is a Business Activity Monitoring tool that allows you to add all the information about the business status (financial and management indicators) and the state of each vehicle in the fleet (level of consumption, stopping periods, among others) in one place (Desktop and Mobile). One of the most acclaimed features of Multipeers4Fleets is the ability to set alerts that inform you whenever a situation requires your attention. 

This event was very important for Multipeers4Fleets because it allowed to present the brand, to establish contacts, to find synergies with other companies of the sector and to work in business opportunities.

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