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Multipeers Improves Your Business Senses

Multipeers is an innovative communication and collaboration tool that will help you increase the performance of your business

Multipeers Overview

Multipeers provides you with a solid and highly customizable platform of administration that collects data from various sources, allowing the distribution of processed information in a wide variety of ways, such as interactive graphics, widgets, RSS tickers, among others.

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By applying these state of the art techniques, DATAPEERS allows organizations to simplify and automate their complex masking requirements while ensuring data integrity.

DATAPEERS Data Subsetting

DATAPEERS allows organizations to consistently create numerous subsets of data that accurately reflect the original production database and meet the specific requirements of each type of testing.

DATAPEERS Data Masking

Masking all sensitive data to be used in non-production environments (when it is more vulnerable to fraud or theft) is an imperative for every modern organization. The only way to mitigate this risk is to use DATAPEERS®, a toolset that offers a variety of sophisticated scrambling techniques to protect sensitive data, irreversibly replacing it by fictitious yet realistic data

DATAPEERS Data integrity

DATAPEERS® automatically detects data dependencies and captures hidden correlations. By taking into consideration the associated dependent data and keeping its original business context in the masking process, DATAPEERS® ensures that the masked value is consistent across the related data and enforces its referential integrity.


DATAPEERS allows automated creation of non-production databases, based on consistent subsets of production data, as well as a controlled generation of test data to meet the most demanding software testing standards.

Datapeers 100% Safe Data

DATAPEERS is an innovative and automated data masking solution to help organizations address data privacy requirements and to improve the quality of development processes, testing, training and software certification.

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