Highly customizable and effective database system solutions, ensuring maximum levels of performance.


Networking solutions according to clients' real needs: firewalling and content filtering, private networks and authentication, server virtualization, system migration, among others.

Create a completely service-oriented infrastructure, where the available resources are automatically allocated and released according to the needs of the organization at any time.
Don't wait to put a new application into production: with our solutions you can do it in minutes.


Design and implementation Cloud solutions to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. Selective identification of applications to migrate for each type of Cloud. Support in the implementation and migration process. Resource orchestration solutions across the various Cloud types. Monitoring and control.
Automation of management tasks.
Self-service solutions.


Monitoring and managing the performance and availability of software applications. 
We detect and diagnose complex application performance issues to maintain the desired level of service.

Improves application performance.
The systems respond with loss of performance in load increasing situations and this service ensures that the system maintains its level of performance even in more extreme situations.


Auditing of information systems in accordance with current standards.

A security planning area that aims to protect an organization against the effects of negative events, allowing an organization to recover quickly after a computer disaster. 


A technological revolution that connects everyday gadgets to the Internet. Through wireless sensors it's possible to collect data on anything and take action immediately. At industrial level it's possible to know the state of a machine, without jeopardizing the entire production process, for example. 


Large amount of data, structured or not, with which companies have to deal daily.
Big Data aims to gain insights that enable more efficient management of the organization as well as more conscious decision making.

We develop software solutions adapted to the real needs of each business.
We create solutions that help companies achieve their goals and we guarantee a differentiated service with a high level of quality.


RAAS | Dedicated infrastructure with selective replication. Possibility of activation of instantaneous disaster on virtual servers in remote environment.
BAAS | Fully managed local backup service - oriented to SLAs. .
Configurable backup frequency.
Possibility of almost instant reset on virtual server in the BAAS environment.
Second-level cloud backup, ensuring disaster tolerance.

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