Multipeers4Fleets starts to be commercialized in Brazil

KAL TI, a partner company of IT PEERS, made its first sale of Multipeers4Fleets in Brazil, a country that has about 1.5 million trucks. This is therefore an extremely attractive market for Multipeers4Fleets.

KAL IT is a consulting company that operates in several market segments, with the transport sector being one of the strongest in the company, which gives it a high degree of knowledge of the specifics of the sector. "KAL TI is a fundamental Partner for us, since it is widely involved in projects in the area of ​​security, logistics and the transportation sector," says Jorge Santos Silva, Latin America Business Director.

"Multipeers will serve as a super-platform to control in an easy and intuitive way the more complex indicators resulting from the fleet operation of our new Customer" adds Henrique Carrola, Multipeers Sales Specialist of IT PEERS.

IT PEERS on tour in Latin America

IT PEERS has recently been in Latin America, in Colombia and Mexico, where the company is in advanced stages of negotiation with important players of these geographies. It is expected that at the beginning of 2018 there will be news about new business partners in both countries.

"After months of negotiations, IT PEERS closes the year with an alliance for the Mexican market, with one of the" top five "consulting firms around the World. The bases of this memorandum of understanding include the telecommunications, transportation, retail, insurance and finance segments and include the guidelines for the execution of the joint project. The kick off will be already in January 2018 and until then we cannot advance the name of the company in question, but we are convinced that it will be very important in our strategy for next year, "says Jorge Santos Silva, Latin America Business Director . "Proof of the importance of this agreement was the presence of IT PEERS CEO, Jorge Duarte, who came to bring to this meeting not only a regional but a more global view, as it is intended in the short term," says Jorge-Alberto Yarte-Sada, International Senior Business Advisor from IT PEERS.

IT PEERS is currently negotiating with one of Mexico's largest technology companies for the exclusive representation of Datapeers for the financial and insurance industry. In 2018, approaches to the five largest Mexican banks are already planned. This alliance intends to be transversal to the Latin American market and a partnership is being negotiated in the same way for its subsidiary in São Paulo. "Datapeers has been particularly interested in the world technology market. Data privacy legislation has been the impetus to put Datapeers in the sights of the World Giants, and we are now organizing ourselves internally to meet this demand, "said Jorge Duarte, CEO of IT PEERS.

In the Colombian market, and together with Stefanini, IT PEERS made a tour of Bogotá, Cali and Medellín, where visited important companies in the banking, insurance and health sector. "We believe that the Colombian market can generate important business this year. It is certain that in 2018 Datapeers will be a key bet in this geography, since we have open several business for the product. Colombia is undoubtedly the market that most quickly generated a return in our internationalization process", says Jorge Santos Silva. Also in Colombia, there was a change in the legislation on safety and Disaster Recovery, which opens a great opportunity for the RAAS. "GTS is our exclusive partner of RAAS for Colombia and due to this new legislation we are convinced that the product will be very well received in 2018 in Latin American countries," adds Jorge Santos Silva.

With SEICO Technology, short- and medium-term plans have been defined, that will lead Multipeers to the aviation sector, where this partner produces and markets solutions that, associated with Multipeers, will bring significant gains and innovations to the industry.

Finally, in partnership with IoT Tech, some projects were set up in the area of ​​Internet of Things in the agricultural, telematics, gas and energy sectors. Multipeers here will act as a "front end" in a project that is intended to grow and be a reference in several Latin American countries.

IT PEERS and GTS Colombia sign partnership for RAAS

Present in several geographies since 2011 with the products Multipeers and Datapeers, it is time for IT PEERS to advance to the internationalization of RAAS (Recovery as a Service). RAAS was developed jointly with IBM in 2012 and after several tests in the domestic market, IT PEERS feels that this is the right time to internationalize this product.

RAAS is a dedicated infrastructure with selective replication, with the possibility of almost instantaneous disaster activation on virtual servers in a remote environment. IT PEERS has been in the market for some time in search of a partner that would meet the necessary conditions to market RaaS and after a long research work, the company chosen was GTS from Colombia.

GTS is a large Colombian company that has more than 300 clients in the government sector and operates in markets such as Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Panama. "GTS is an active and experienced partner that has a lot of notoriety in the market and this for us is also very important. In addition, GTS has a very modern tier 3 data center that will allow us to be able to provide an excellent service to the end customer, "says Jorge Santos Silva, Latin America Business Director.

The Colombian market was chosen due to the positive dynamics that it presents with the modernization of its technological park. "We believe that due to government regulations that regulate aspects such as data security and privacy, we have an important window of opportunity to insert RaaS into this market," concludes Jorge Santos Silva.

IT PEERS and U3: Joint Venture Agreement on the Way

For the first time since its beginning, IT PEERS will enter into a Joint Venture contract. The company chosen for this particular partnership was U3, a Brazilian technological company that operates in the area of ​​Insurance.

The association between the two companies already has a year of intense negotiations and the result of this whole year of work is a co-branding that will mean an increase in the product mix of both companies. This product bundling follows a verticalisation strategy started this year by IT PEERS with the creation of Multipeers4Fleets, a business monitoring system fully designed to serve the transport sector.

The native integration of Multipeers and Blackbird (U3's insurance solution) will be marketed in a PaaS platform (platform as a service) and will allow a vertical specialization for the insurance segment for the retail area, corresponding to the expectations and requirements of customers and large distributors. "Throughout this year, and after approaching the major players in the Latin American market, we feel emerging needs in this business segment and it is with great pride that we will soon be on the market with this solution," says Jorge Santos Silva, IT PEERS Latin America Business Director.

Datapeers has a new website

IT PEERS is always aware of new trends and works to innovate and improve not only the product but also its presentation. For this reason, the company developed a new website for Datapeers. It's a more functional and intuitive website.

The new website was developed to meet the needs of today's market and is an important step in the evolution of the Datapeers brand. It presents a simple structure, focusing on the user.

The new website aims to be a platform for communication with customers, partners, stakeholders and society in general. new website here. 

CIMLT selects Multipeers to monitor its activity

CIMLT - Comunidade Intermunicipal da Lezíria do Tejo - is in the process of implementing Multipeers, for its use and its 11 Associated Municipalities. At the moment, indicators of high relevance are being developed for the daily work of the Presidency, Council, directors and key employees. At the end of the Multipeers implementation, each municipality will have unified and real-time access to critical information on the multiple operations that occur in the various work areas.

"Multipeers is a very important tool for us because it will facilitate communication and the decision-making process in all Municipalities. We believe that when its implementation is completed it will be much simpler to obtain information about the state of any area of activity of each City Hall and, given that we’ll have total visibility over our entire activity, we are convinced that we’ll obtain significant gains of productivity and that we’ll be able to reduce costs in several areas, "says António Torres, CIMLT's First Secretary.

Multipeers provides more than three hundred indicators of all the operational areas of a Municipality, such as financial, supervision, citizen service, document management, works, queues, among others, in direct connection to the ERP as well as to other solutions present in Municipal Information Systems. This information is parameterized for each employee and allows their decisions to be made in a timely manner and based on information that is always in front of them, either on the desktop or on the mobile device.

IT PEERS will be present at the Forum bwd - Digital Transformation

bwd, an IT PEERS partner, is organizing an event related to digital transformation and the impact that this transformation is having on companies across a wide range of industries.

The event will take place on October 10 at the Yetman Hotel in Vila Nova de Gaia, and will bring together executives from companies from a wide range of sectors. Throughout the day there will be conferences by the companies sponsoring the event related to the theme of digital transformation.

IT PEERS will participate with a block related to real-time information and the impact that data analysis has on the success of companies.
Registration at the event is free, but subject to a limited number of places.

IT PEERS announces partnership with Stefanini Colombia

IT PEERS has established a partnership with Stefanini in Colombia, one of the most recognized technology companies in the Colombian market and one of the 100 best IT companies. Stefanini is a Brazilian multinational that is present in 39 countries, with more than 120 thousand affiliated members worldwide and employing more than 17 thousand employees.

"Colombia is a growing country and has a dynamic and stable economy. We have worked to find a specialized partner to help us introduce our products in this market, "says Jorge Santos Silva, Latin America Business Director.

In a first phase, IT PEERS will be betting on Datapeers, a data masking solution that helps companies meet legal requirements and improve the quality of development processes.

"Due to the new data protection law that will take effect in 2018, there is a huge opportunity for Datapeers in the Latin American market, due to the high commercial transactions they have with the European Union. This great company looks at our Datapeers with very high acceptance expectations in the market where it operates. In fact, Latin America is undergoing a transformation in data protection legislation and Datapeers was elected by Stefanini to be the solution to present to its customers in Colombia" adds Jorge Santos Silva.

"Datapeers has the characteristic of allowing a fast implementation and in the short term our customers can solve the legal compliance challenges of data processing," says German Rodríguez, Stefanini's Senior Manager. "Our customers need this solution. With Datapeers, we will be able to cover the relevant aspects of data processing in software development and testing processes".

The expectations for this new partnership are the most positive. "In the short term we expect to realize the sales we are already working on. This will give us the opportunity to convince the Colombian market that we have what it takes to translate their goals into concrete cases of success", adds German Rodríguez. 

The first event organized by the two companies was a webinar on the data protection law in Colombia and how Datapeers helps companies meet all legal requirements. You can see the recording of the webinar here.

Transmaia chooses Multipeers4Fleets to control its fleet in real time

Transmaia - Transportes Lda is a family-owned company of Trofa, founded on May 27, 1982. It is originated from the company Adriano Sousa Maia & Filhos Lda, founded by the father of the current partners in the 40's. Since its beginning, the company have a sustained growth, based on a strategic vision of the business and betting on the diversity of transport services provided in the National and International market.

Always following the trends and demands of the market, Transmaia felt the need for greater monitoring of fleet operations and its choice was Multipeers4Fleets. 

"After studying the options available in the market, we concluded that Multipeers4Fleets is the most complete solution. We are convinced that its implementation will help us detect and solve problems with our vehicles, as well as reduce operating costs. The possibility of analyzing the business in real time will change, for the better, our entire performance, "says Pedro Maia, director of Transmaia.

Multipeers4Fleets is in the process of being implemented at the moment and once it is completed, it will be possible to analyze in real time the status of each vehicle in the fleet, as well as to cross-reference information from a variety of data sources.

IT PEERS presents new partner in Brazil: get to know Vertude

Brazil is one of the priority markets for IT PEERS and it is with pride that the company announces a new partnership in this geography.

Vertude is a Brazilian company based in São Paulo and specializing in the development of business and customer relationship channels through telephony, with automated voice interaction - AIV (Automated Interaction by Voice) and SMS. Provides a complete automation service, from receiving the customer base, connections, interaction and reports. You can track all online operations through a set of web reports.

Vertude's partnership with IT PEERS is focused on the Multipeers product, a business monitoring system that allows you to analyze all events in real time. Vertude complements its offering with an innovative product capable of making a difference in the management of any company.

"We are already present in Brazil since 2013, but we continue looking for specialized partners with all the conditions to represent our products. Vertude is the ideal partner to represent us and we are confident that this association will bring positive results very soon, "says Jorge Santos Silva, Latin America Business Director of IT PEERS.

Ricardo Brasil, CEO of Vertude, is very optimistic about this partnership. "Our expectation in this partnership is very great. The potential of the Brazilian market for tools such as those developed by IT PEERS is enormous. Vertude already works with the largest Brazilian clients in the Banking, Magazines, Telephony and other important sectors of the economy, providing great commercial possibilities in the near future".

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