The main challenges of IT management

Os principais desafios da gestão de TI

Technology makes companies more connected but also presents new challenges. Creating a secure digital environment is one of the main challenges for the IT manager, for example. New threats and new solutions appear daily in the market and the choice is so great that it becomes difficult to assimilate all the information and make the right decisions. The challenges in this sector are immense and, therefore, we gathered in today’s article the main ones!

Protect information

Digital threats are increasing and the attacks are occurring nowadays. Even large corporations have been the targets of attacks in recent years. The Internet of Things makes the world more connected, so there needs to be a reinforcement of security. New legislation, such as the GDPR, makes security a strategic element of organizations. A company that sees your information exposed risks having irrecoverable damages, whether financial or reputable. Ensuring information security is a major challenge as we live in a connected age and where threats are increasingly sophisticated.

Ensuring mobile security

Mobile solutions are being adopted very fast by companies of all sizes. Nowadays it is no longer necessary for employees to go to the office to work because, because of the technology, they can work from any location and through any device. Undoubtedly this is a very important advance and boosts the results. Smaller, less financially available companies opt for distance work to reduce office expenses. This requires a higher level of technical analysis because data security is more easily compromised, forcing the IT manager to take extra care.

Ensure intellectual property of the company

Small businesses need to protect their intellectual property and should avoid data loss, otherwise their image and reputation will be irreparably damaged. Companies should invest in encryption or data masking, antivirus and firewall solutions, and employee training. Often, smaller companies choose not to use any kind of solution because they think they are too expensive. This is a misconception, as there are more and more solutions that are adaptable to the real needs of each company. In fact, the price to pay for an information leak will be much higher than the price of protection!

Fighting increasingly sophisticated attacks

Even if businesses use many security tools like firewalls and antivirus, it is not completely safe from hacker attacks. Companies that use digital platforms are at risk of data invasion and destruction. Cyber ​​attacks are increasingly sophisticated and unpredictable, so it is essential to have a proactive stance, because only in this way can you minimize the damage caused by a possible attack.

To keep up with market trends

As in all areas of a company, it is very important to always be aware of the evolution of the market. The great challenge is to find the best way to adapt the reality of your business, keeping the company always up to date and competitive without compromising data security. In a small company, this is not always easy because there are few employees and they are already very busy with their daily duties. However, being attentive to the evolution of the market may mean finding better ways to work, which can lead to a reduction of expenses, something that is very important in a small company.


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