What is RPA and how can I apply it in my company?

O que é RPA e como posso aplicá-lo na minha empresa?

Competitiveness in the business world is increasing and companies need to be fast and efficient so they can stay well-positioned against the competition. Process automation is an increasingly used way to increase productivity. RPA therefore becomes an indispensable tool in several sectors. RPA is a set of tools that allow you to automate everyday tasks. RPA mimics the activity of a human being in performing a task within a process and who can perform repetitive tasks more quickly, accurately and relentlessly, freeing humans to perform other tasks that require human capabilities such as intelligence emotional, reasoning, and complex interaction with clients or suppliers. Let’s see in today’s article how it is possible to apply the RPA in companies!


This is a time-consuming task when executed manually. In a time when the consumer is increasingly demanding, it is critical that companies be quick in responding to their customers and potential customers. Being humanly impossible to be 24 hours a day and 7 days a week behind a website, automation in this area seems to be the answer to customer loyalty.

Workflow Management

This area encompasses the management of workflows and other HR processes, such as shift assignment, payment map management and employee license, which can be performed more productively by RPA.

Financial area

Automation includes order and invoice processing, management of accounts payable and accounts receivable, reconciliation of accounts, payment orders, reports, consolidation of account information among numerous other tasks, can be managed by the RPA, such as transactions between several departments and divisions that need to be registered and updated and consolidated in the ERP.

Greater compliance

By logging all actions and identifying and removing data gaps between multiple sources, RPA assists in performing reviews and recognizing compliance issues.

More effective marketing campaigns

Campaigns can be repeated without manual effort, which allows for adjustment to strategies based on analysis, while RPA will help measure the effectiveness of new strategies. The marketing area is increasingly important in companies, so it is expected that the investment of automation in the marketing area is increasing.

The importance of implementing AI solutions as an RPA in a correct digital strategy for each organization means that there are no shortcuts to companies in this regard, otherwise they run a serious risk of implementation failure. Companies cannot even delay the start of their digital journey, including AI. The first to adopt, will create great competitive advantages.

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