How to increase the productivity of your IT team?

Como aumentar a produtividade da sua equipa de TI?

All leaders look for ways to increase team productivity. The truth is that we live in a highly competitive and volatile era, and only with high levels of productivity that companies are able to win in the marketplace. Raising productivity to meet (increasingly) market demands is a major concern of managers. In today’s article, we present you  7 tips to increase the productivity of your IT team!

Invest in internal communication

When a company’s employees do not know the objectives and do not communicate with each other, the probability of not meeting deadlines and making mistakes in their tasks is very high. It is fundamental that companies invest in internal communication, because only with an effective knowledge of business goals will each employee be able to achieve maximum productivity.

Create multidisciplinary teams

Many companies have teams with professionals with a very similar profile. In this way, the creativity will always be down and the team will eventually stagnate and feel unmotivated. Invest not only in technical profiles, but also in creative, proactive, and lead-able profiles. That way you can have a dynamic work environment, where work flows much more easily!

Invest in Efficient Tools

Without the right tools to work, no team can be effective. IT teams find it very frustrating to waste time on inefficient software that blocks and prevents good work. Using quality software and hardware is the first step in creating fast and effective work teams.

Fight Distractions

There are lots of ways to distract the employee during your work period, namely entertainment sites and social networks. Prohibiting access is not the best option, especially in IT teams that are able to circumvent the situation simply. The best option is to invest in times of rest throughout the work day, where communication and interaction between all are encouraged.

Set priorities

It is true that every day you have many things to do, but you should be realistic: you are not a machine. So set a priority list for your day and start with the most urgent tasks. You should do visas throughout the day to feel you are fulfilling your goals. This will make it easier to prioritize your tasks and keep them on schedule.

Set a time to check email

Having notifications to be warned whenever you receive an email is one of the main mistakes we all make. Constantly looking at the email box steals from us a lot of time, takes away our concentration and doesn’t allow us to focus on what really matters. You should set a time, twice a day, to check your email. This will keep you focused on reading your new messages and keep your focus on the work day.

Use a management software

We need information to work and it isn’t always easy to access all the data we need. Adopting business monitoring software such as Multipeers helps to reduce the time it takes to find information in a drastic way, which frees you up for other tasks. This software allows you to analyze the business in real time, through an intuitive and simple dashboard, where you will find all the information from the most diverse data sources that you need to perform your tasks. Multipeers also allows the definition of business alerts that warn you whenever a situation requires your intervention, allowing you to act immediately.

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