5 ways to use artificial intelligence in large companies

5 formas de utilizar a inteligência artificial em grandes empresas

Artificial intelligence is the theme of the moment. Many companies already use artificial intelligence practices in their processes, but the truth is that artificial intelligence is not yet best utilized. Its potential is immense, but there is still widespread ignorance about the subject. In today’s article, we’ll talk about 5 ways to use artificial intelligence in large companies.

Using Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

User service is greatly improved by using virtual assistants and chatbots. These features allow you to interact with consumers, know their preferences and anticipate their needs. Chatbots are linked to databases and can transform information effectively. These tools are very important because they provide faster service and this is very important because consumers are increasingly demanding and impatient.

More sophisticated data analysis

Data is the most important asset of companies and managers need to be truly aware of it. Businesses already use programs and applications that allow data to be analyzed faster and more automatically. The goal is not to replace humans in this task, but to provide you with all the tools and information you need for more assertive decision making. This will automate data creation, uncover trends, and exchange information across departments. And all this in a faster and more objective way!

More centralized management

Artificial intelligence helps companies interconnect all their information, which has a major weight in management decisions and especially in marketing. A company that analyzes your information in real time and that has all the important business information in one place will be able to make more assertive and accurate decisions, which enhances business success. Multipeers is therefore an increasingly necessary tool in today’s businesses.

End of repetitive tasks

Artificial intelligence helps employees stop wasting time on overly bureaucratic and administrative tasks. Through rules, it is possible for robots to perform the role of personal assistants, giving information about day-to-day tasks, meeting agendas and travel times.

Digital Twins

This is a solution that aims to improve the design, testing and correction processes in the manufacture of new products. In fact, digital twins are nothing more than a copy of processes that actually exist. That is. At the same time that a product is developed in the physical world, its creation also happens in the virtual world. This allows testing and analysis before the product goes to market. The main advantages of this technology are: reduced production time, cost reduction, greater adaptability, better profit forecasting and improved risk forecasting and error reduction.

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