The main applications of artificial intelligence in successful companies

As principais aplicações da inteligência artificial em empresas de sucesso

Today, companies receive data from everywhere and at all times. This data needs to be converted into information to be useful for business and companies that know how to get the best out of the data can differentiate themselves from the competition. Artificial intelligence plays a prominent role because of this reality because it is humanly impossible to deal with so much data and analyze it properly. In today’s article, we present the main applications of artificial intelligence in successful companies!


Chatbots use human language to chat with users naturally and pre-programmed. They are tools that can recognize names and phone numbers and can answer questions, faithfully reproducing human behavior. Chatbots can be integrated with other tools and databases, enabling you to automate information registration and update processes, improving the customer experience. Ryanair, for example, uses artificial intelligence in this area to answer simple questions from its customers.

Personal assistants

A personal assistant using artificial intelligence allows you to schedule meetings, manage the agenda, among other things. A virtual assistant is able to recognize voice commands and facilitates many everyday actions. A well-known example of a virtual assistant is Siri, which is used in Apple products. These tools can learn over time and are able to anticipate requests based on each person’s behavior.

Marketing Tasks Automation

One of the most important advantages of artificial intelligence is task automation. Automation in marketing can range from the simplest to the most complex tasks. Companies are starting to automate welcome, subscription, and thank-you email. You can also automate all interactions with users of a site, taking into account their behavior. This way, the contact will be more personalized and always happen on time.

Better sales area tracking

Follow ups are a great example where Machine Learning can be used. You can rely on the lead profile and behavior to predict some actions, such as the time the lead reads emails, the best day to cold call, and more. Using artificial intelligence in this area is possible to improve the actions and the more information the machine has more correct and objective actions will be taken. In the end, the expected result is a significant increase in follow-up returns and a corresponding increase in sales.


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