Common Cloud Migration Questions

As dúvidas mais comuns na migração para a Cloud

Cloud has revolutionized the way companies store their information and the way they query it. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to access several files simultaneously, anywhere in the world, only whit an access to the Internet. Now you can run your business remotely from anywhere. However, there are still a lot of cloud-related questions, notably about security. To help you demystify some preconceived ideas, we’ve prepared this article with the most common questions about migrating to the Cloud!

Is storing information on the cloud secure?

Cloud storage is more than advised today due to its high levels of security. The cloud is surrounded by security systems and frequent updates make this technology increasingly private. In addition, in the event of a disaster or a computer attack, it is much easier to continue business as usual if your data is in the cloud. Otherwise, you risk seeing your business stalled because you don’t have data available.

Is cloud storage too expensive?

In fact, storing data in the cloud is more economical than storing information “indoors” because you won’t have to pay for your own infrastructure. In addition, the growing demand for these services has increased their supply, causing prices to fall. Finally, using Cloud services assumes that you will only pay for the service you need, making it a perfectly scalable offering. You won’t have to pay for space you don’t need, the cloud being highly customizable.

What features does Cloud offer?

A cloud solution typically ensures data security and ensures that your information is backed up automatically and frequently. In addition, there are many solutions that already include disaster recovery, which enables rapid data recovery in the event of a disaster or computer attack. In Cloud you can also configure your own access rules and configure server capacity according to your needs.

What is the difference between public, private and hybrid cloud?

The most common model is the public cloud. There are huge data centers around the world that offer storage for multiple companies and thousands of users at the same time. This practice is advised for storing non-critical and non-sensitive data. Private Cloud is only used by a company or a user. It has a higher cost, but is suitable for storing sensitive data because the security level is very high. Hybrid Cloud brings the public and private cloud together. Companies that opt ​​for this solution use the Private Cloud for highly confidential files, while the Public Cloud is used for less sensitive data.


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