Top cybersecurity trends in the near future

As principais tendências de cibersegurança nos próximos tempos

Protection against cyber attacks and data theft became a priority for companies in 2019. Microsoft’s software engineering director, Glaucia Faria Young, recently stated that the company invests nearly $ 1 billion annually to combat cyber security and that analyzes billions of signals daily to be able to protect devices, emails and software worldwide. Microsoft shared the key cyber security trends for 2020 at an event, and Gartner has also announced those it believes are in vogue next year. We select the ones we consider most important and we will present them below!

Fake news

The term fake news gained prominence due to a protest against the manipulation of information regarding the 2016 US elections. Fake news will reach its peak by 2020 and this is very serious as it manipulates public opinion and can lead to bankruptcy.

Public cloud

According to Microsoft forecasts, it is critical that information technology departments provide their users with security best practices to make companies more productive. The public cloud will be a trend and a necessity as it allows for high levels of security while reducing infrastructure costs.

Machine learning

Machine Learning is evolving as one of the leading technologies in the industry. This presents interesting possibilities for the cybersecurity industry, but it also presents some risk as criminals will also use this technology to increase the scale and efficiency of their attacks.

Identity-based trust

Poorly protected accounts are something computer criminals love and often serve as a gateway to eliminating a complete system. Microsoft believes that by 2020 it will be increasingly necessary to use face recognition and biometric data, as these forms of access are much safer than using passwords. The organization believes that the use of this access data could reduce the likelihood of data intrusion and theft by 99.9%.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation makes processes more fluid and managing all departments of the company becomes easier and more intuitive as communication between all areas of the company is made easier. Defining, implementing and improving business processes for a more practical and facilitative approach also results in a more organized and fluid structure and the company will gain a competitive position vis-à-vis its direct competitors. By 2020, it will be mandatory for companies to continue to digitally transform themselves, otherwise they will be overwhelmed by competition.

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