Why should you invest in IT infrastructure as a service?

Porque deve investir na infraestrutura de TI como serviço?

The management of IT infrastructure is increasingly important in companies. The IT infrastructure refers to all the technological part that exists in the company, that is, it encompasses software, hardware, network resources, computer programs and everything that helps to create the IT environment. The management of the IT infrastructure is the set of processes through which the technological assets of a company are managed. In today’s article, we will understand the importance of IT infrastructure as a service!

More efficient control of resources

As the business grows, technological resources also need to increase. The IT area has to monitor the evolution of the business and it is advisable to have total control over its resources in order to avoid unavailability, vulnerabilities, among other problems. Choosing to manage the IT infrastructure as a service makes it easier to deal with all these issues.

Increased equipment life time

IT applications and equipment have a lifetime and when there is no good IT management they can become more obsolete quickly. By having an infrastructure management service, you can, through constant audits, use the devices to their maximum capabilities. The preventive work that this type of management allows anticipates the need to exchange physical resources, facilitating the work of the teams.

Better IT team performance

Managing IT infrastructure as a service reduces the stress of IT professionals. The manager is able to better manage resources, as well as better structure projects, allocate resources and organize all processes related to the IT area. The IT manager is free to perform other functions that add more value to the organization.

Cost reduction

This way of managing the technological area allows greater control over investments and expenses. By constantly planning and monitoring technological resources, waste of money is avoided and investments are made that are more intelligent and appropriate to the reality of the business. In addition, ROI (return on investment) achieves much more quickly by managing the organization’s technological area in this way.


The constant change and the expectation of availability have changed the way the IT area should be managed. The main objective of AIOPS is to automate functions through machine learning, reducing manual processes and the time used to perform routine activities.

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