Cloud technology: what is it and why should I have it in my company?

Tecnologia cloud: o que é e porque devo tê-la na minha empresa?

We have all heard of Cloud, but not everyone understands how it works, nor do we know the benefits we can get from using it. Cloud Computing is an IT solution that allows online use of computing resources, using the Internet. Uncomplicated: wherever you are, you can access your programs and files by simply having an Internet connection. Using this technology, it is possible to edit documents, store data, share files, among other things. And all of this can be done remotely, without the need for downloads or installations. We will explain below why you should adopt the Cloud in your company!

Increases flexibility and lowers costs

The Cloud is scalable, so you never have to pay for a service you don’t use. As you need more storage space, you can increase the capacity. Thus, you can control costs related to the IT area very well. If you need more space, upgrade and the opposite also applies. If you suddenly need to reduce storage capacity, you can easily downgrade the service.

Provides you with a permanent backup

The Cloud backs up your information constantly and automatically, so you don’t have to worry about storing your information. Nowadays, information is very important, being even the most valuable asset of your organization. Ensuring a backup on the Cloud is a very important step to make sure that your most sensitive data is not exposed or lost.

Frees IT staff for other tasks

Cloud storage frees the IT team for other value-added tasks and leaves them free from problems related to network failures. Storing the files in the cloud means that there is no cost to maintain, update and train employees. The IT team is free to work in other sectors that are more critical to the company, which inevitably leads to an improvement in organizational performance.

Guaranteed mobility

Wherever you are, you can access all your business information. Currently, the office is no longer limited to 4 walls, so this factor is very important for the IT area. It is no longer necessary to carry external disks and USB sticks to ensure you have the files you need when you travel. The cloud provides universal access to maximum power computing, allowing access to file servers for any user with a device with access to the network.

Greater environmental protection

By choosing Cloud technology, your company becomes more sustainable and environmentally friendly, as it will reduce energy consumption and the number of paper documents. Thus, you will end up having less expenses with electricity, increasing the benefits for your company. In the end, your business and the environment are grateful!

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