Discover the relationship between artificial intelligence and IT management

Conheça a relação entre inteligência artificial e gestão de TI

We live in an increasingly digital age where the success of companies depends on the technologies used. Performance problems (spikes in requests, computer attacks, etc.) lead to financial losses and IT operations need to work more efficiently. Digital businesses and technologies are increasing the volume, speed and variety of data. The correlation and manual analysis of data and alerts is increasingly difficult for the IT operations team, with tools in silos spread over mobile devices, the Cloud and the mainframe. Let’s see in today’s article the relationship between artificial intelligence and IT management!

What is AIOPS?

AIOPS is a term created by Gartner in 2016. AIOps uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques to analyze large volumes of data from various IT and business operations tools in order to streamline IT operations, increase their efficiency and provide a superior user experience.

This new form of IT management allows a move away from isolated operations management and provides intelligent insights that promote automation and collaboration to deliver continuous improvement.

AIOps uses big data, data analysis and machine learning to provide insights and a higher level of automation. Thus, IT operations do not rely so much on human interaction to carry out the management tasks required by infrastructure and modern software. In this way, human interaction is reduced in routine tasks and human resources are freed up for other areas of added value. AIOps solutions consume data from a variety of resources and then store and provide access to it, allowing for more advanced analysis.

Machine Learning at the service of IT

Machine Learning is the science that makes computers learn and act like humans, optimizing machine learning autonomously and feeding them data and information through interactions with the real world. In short, it is the use of algorithms to perform data analysis, learn from them and make predictions about the future.

Machine Learning provides systems with the ability to automatically evolve from experience, without having to be programmed to do so. This learning takes place through a program capable of accessing multiple databases and using them to acquire knowledge for themselves.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are different concepts. Artificial intelligence represents the idea that machines can accomplish tasks in an “intelligent” way, while Machine Learning is just one of the countless applications in this area. We can say that Machine Learning is what makes Artificial Intelligence possible.


IT PEERS is the first Portuguese company to invest in this new form of IT management that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to integrate, continuously improve and automate processes. It has a key role in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of IT teams that have to deal with increasingly complex and demanding scenarios.

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