Artificial intelligence applications you need to know now

Aplicações da inteligência artificial que precisa de conhecer já

Artificial intelligence is one of the themes of the moment. It is the ability that machines have to think like human beings. It defines their ability to learn, reason and decide autonomously and intelligently. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a recent concept. It first appeared in 1956 by John McCarthy, a university professor who used the term to describe a distant world in which machines would be able to solve all the problems that until then were solved exclusively by human beings. There are many applications that you don’t even know exist! Below, we present the 4 most amazing applications of artificial intelligence!

Personal Assistants

There are virtual personal assistants that work very well. It is nothing more than a bot that is connected to the email and the agenda and is responsible for organizing everything, being able to understand the context and mark the appointments on the agenda autonomously. That is, if you are talking to someone by e-mail and if it is said that a meeting will be scheduled, it is possible to add the robot in copy and ask him to schedule the meeting. The robot is able to analyze the entire schedule and check the hourly availability and send an email to the person in order to confirm the meeting. As you can see, the virtual personal assistant will do the job just like a real assistant!

Diagnosis of diseases

IBM Watson is one of the smartest systems on the market. This robot, from a base of information, can learn anything! IBM Watson for Oncology is a system capable of diagnosing cancer patients. The robot analyzes various data and indicators, as well as thousands of histories and sources. With this robot it is much faster to assertively diagnose diseases. This robot has even managed to diagnose patients with very rare cancers, which would not have been detected by any doctor.

Robot lawyer

ROSS is an IBM robot adapted to law. We can ask him a question and he finds the answer among the thousands of legal data he has stored. This robot has helped in several cases and is able to replace lawyers, saving thousands of dollars. This robot can read unstructured documents and still understand its semantics. We were able to save hours of research by lawyers as they find information much faster.


Artificial intelligence in IT operations: this new form of IT management allows a departure from isolated operations management and provides intelligent insights that promote automation and collaboration to provide continuous improvement. AIOps uses big data, data analysis and machine learning to provide insights and a greater level of automation. Thus, IT operations do not rely so much on human interaction to carry out the management tasks required by infrastructure and modern software. In this way, human interaction is reduced in routine tasks and human resources are freed up for other areas of added value. AIOps solutions consume data from a variety of resources and then store and provide access to it, allowing for more advanced analysis.


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