How to ensure data security in home office?

Como garantir a segurança dos dados em teletrabalho?

The world is going through a strange and new phase for everyone. A large part of the companies favor teleworking as a way to fight the new coronavirus: the less social interaction there is, the faster we will be able to eliminate this invisible enemy that has come to change our whole life! Teleworking is very popular in the modern world, but it is essential to ensure that employees keep company data safe. In today’s article, we’ll see how we can ensure data security in teleworking!

Connection to business data must be made via VPN

A VPN network is a virtual private network that transmits encrypted data as it navigates from one point to another in the Web world. Connecting via the VPN allows the user to browse websites securely and privately. VPN connections are increasingly used, as they allow remote access to local files and are a safe way to browse through public Wi-Fi networks. You must install this rule in your company, to ensure that access to data is always done securely.

Protect all equipment with antivirus

It is a basic tip, but too often we devalue the use of a good antivirus. Protect all company devices – including mobile phones – with appropriate security software. Antivirus is still the main defender of devices when there are attempts to extort data!

Eliminate the use of removable devices

A company’s confidential information should preferably be stored in the Cloud, as this type of solution offers a high level of security. In addition, there must be multiple copies of the most important information, so there is no risk of losing important data. In case of extreme need to store data on removable devices, they must be encrypted and must only be accessed by people who really need to work with that information.

And if you are attacked in the end … be protected with RAAS!

RAAS is a very complete solution that, in addition to copying data, also guarantees its efficient restoration in the event of natural disasters or infrastructure failures. This type of solutions has the main objective of eliminating (or at least minimizing on a large scale) a company’s downtime due to failures. RAAS is a disaster recovery service fully managed by a specialized team and gives you the possibility to recover a virtual server in seconds. Even if you are attacked, you will quickly be able to return to normal operation. In a time of such uncertainty, it is essential to value prevention!

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