Como otimizar o desempenho dos sistemas de TI

How to optimize the performance of IT systems

IT plays a huge role in the performance of all sectors of a company. Having optimized IT systems is guaranteed to have a competitive advantage, increasing the organization’s overall performance, productivity, market response and cost savings. In today’s article, we will give you some tips for optimizing the performance of your company’s IT systems!

Como aumentar a produtividade da sua equipa de TI?

How to increase the productivity of your IT team?

All leaders look for ways to increase team productivity. The truth is that we live in a highly competitive and volatile era, and only with high levels of productivity that companies are able to win in the marketplace. Raising productivity to meet (increasingly) market demands is a major concern of managers. In today’s article, we present you  7 tips to increase the productivity of your IT team!

Como é que a inteligência artificial pode ajudar o meu negócio?

How can artificial intelligence help my business?

Artificial intelligence is the ability that machines have to think like humans. It defines their ability to learn, reason and decide autonomously and intelligently. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a recent concept. It first emerged in 1956 by John McCarthy, a university professor who used the term to describe a distant world in which machines would be able to solve all problems that until then were solved exclusively by humans. However, this has been one of the most debated topics of the moment, as companies have begun to gain awareness about the numerous benefits that this concept can have in their business. In today’s article, let’s understand how artificial intelligence can help business!