6 Main Technological Trends for 2021

The first news of references of the main technological trends for the coming year are beginning to appear. The vast majority, as we will see later, are not new, however they will help company managers to make important decisions.

1. Involvement of artificial intelligence (AI)
Artificial Intelligence has been very much in focus during the year 2020, and is taking on more and importance. Companies are more focused on the customer experience and AI has allowed them to modernize and make businesses more effective.

2. 5G data networks
The use of the 5G data network has been the subject of much controversy worldwide. However, everyone expects that with the arrival of this new technology, and more connected devices will be able to communicate at very high speed.

3. Automation
It is an increasingly upward trend in information technologies. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robotics and Cloud Computing have taken advantage of automation. There are many examples of companies in the most diverse sectors that are implementing more and more automated processes.

4. Blockchain
Preventing Internet fraud has been a major challenge, especially for companies in the financial sector. This is a technology that promises a lot of news for next year.

5. Virtual and Augmented Reality
These are two concepts that will be in vogue, with great potential for education, rehabilitation, entertainment and marketing.

6. Cybersecurity

An area that has undergone a great evolution due to the growing need to protect users and companies, enhanced by the context of more widespread teleworking. In the future, it will become increasingly popular and demanding, given the high levels of malicious activity.

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