IT PEERS SUMMIT: Artificial Intelligence in IT management takes place at the Sheraton Hotel on September 26

The contribution of artificial intelligence to IT management was the theme chosen for the first edition of IT PEERS Summit. IT PEERS proposes the debate on what the artificial intelligence tools, machine learning, RPA, among others, can do for IT management.

A few years ago it was practically impossible to think that there would be machines capable of speaking and solving problems autonomously. Whenever we approached questions of artificial intelligence and robots, we thought of a distant future and believed that this future would never come. Well, the future in which machines are able to help the human being autonomously is the present that we are living! Artificial intelligence is increasingly used in day-to-day business. However, it is not yet being fully leveraged by organizations and the IT PEERS Summit aims to demystify preconceived ideas and discuss how far Artificial Intelligence's contribution to IT management can go.

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Possibility to discuss one of the most talked about topics in the world of technology today

Success stories

Find real success stories where artificial intelligence has made a difference and improved processes

New Tools

Knowledge of new tools and working methods in order to improve daily performance


Meeting of experts and decision makers from different areas for a morning exclusively dedicated to technology and how it influences business


More than 100 professionals from different areas, promoting the establishment of partnerships


Moment of reflection and learning about useful solutions for all companies



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Registration at this event is free, but it is mandatory through the following form or the e-mail