IT PEERS talked about RPA in the 2019 edition of the bwd Forum, demystifying wrong ideas that people have been creating over time

The science fiction films about robots have put a completely wrong idea in our minds: we believe that one day they will be able to think autonomously, making decisions for the extermination of the human race. Over the years, we began to live with robots in our daily lives, especially through vacuum cleaners that, previously programmed, are able to vacuum our homes by themselves. Evolution has given way to a new concept: RPA.

Robotic Process Automation is far from being what people think it is. In fact, RPA is composed of code that simulates human presence in front of a computer, making use of the same tools. For a RPA software to operate, it must learn a workflow with steps previously taught by a human.

Continuous monitoring of the organization's operations, permanent execution 24 hours a day, better quality data and better customer service are some of the advantages that the adoption of RPA brings to companies.

With the use of RPA, humans can be used where human thinking is necessary, with all its aspects, such as creativity.


The "Seminar General Law on Data Protection - LGPD - Challenges to Implementation" aims to promote debate, exchange experiences and support companies to comply with the new Brazilian law

IT PEERS, following its internationalization strategy, will be present on June 6 in an event related to the new Brazilian data protection legislation. The event, organized by Markway, our most recent partner in this geography, aims to help companies to be prepared to receive the new law.

Similar to what already happens in Europe, a failure in data security can cost Brazilian companies thousands of reais, since large fines are also present in this legal norm. Therefore, it is crucial that companies are informed about all the requirements of the legislation.

IT PEERS, represented by its CEO Jorge Duarte, will address key issues related to the GDPR and the state in which the law is in Europe. IT PEERS will also present solutions so that companies are prepared to receive the law accordingly. Datapeers, a data masking solution developed by IT PEERS, will be featured at this event.

IT PEERS celebrates 15 years of existence in 2019 and will celebrate them by sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences related to technology.

On September 26, 2019, IT PEERS will bring together professionals from different areas and decision makers for a morning dedicated exclusively to technology and how IT influences business. This will be the first edition of the IT PEERS Forum and is intended to be an event marked by knowledge sharing.

Soon we will have more news, such as local forum, guests and program.

For now, what you have to do is simple: book the 26th of September!

Markway is an information technology company based in the security industry and Data Science. It is currently recognized as one of the main Oracle partners in the State of Rio de Janeiro, offering the highest level of solutions and now reinforces its security offer through Datapeers representation.

Due to the great importance of systems today, data security is imperative for business success. The new Brazilian data protection law also contributed to this partnership, as Markway felt the need to have a portfolio that is useful to companies at this stage where data privacy is so important.

"Markway and IT PEERS are integrated and enabled to meet Brazilian companies to meet the challenges imposed by the General Data Protection Law (LGPD). This is a demand of our customers seeking in Markway's experience and technologies that we represent, strengthen the governance and security standards of their information, especially those related to the protection and privacy of data. Our expectation is to leverage the performance of our customers, reducing costs and increasing the productivity of enterprise information resources management , especially in the "cloud" context of their business, which require increasing investments for greater availability and security of their information", said Jackson Schemes, CEO of Markway.

IT PEERS celebrates 15 years of existence in 2019 and will celebrate them by sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences related to technology.

On September 26, 2019, IT PEERS will bring together professionals from different areas and decision makers for a morning dedicated exclusively to technology and how IT influences business. This will be the first edition of the IT PEERS Forum and is intended to be an event marked by knowledge sharing.

Soon we will have more news, such as local forum, guests and program.

For now, what you have to do is simple: book the 26th of September!

RPA technology has been well received in the marketplace and it is easy to understand why: people hate the repetitive tasks that systems do, freeing them from growing work pressure.

RPA - Robotic Process Automation - is the name given to automation solutions that use software (robots) to reduce (or eliminate completely) repetitive and error-prone tasks, freeing employees for other tasks that require decision-making. RPA technology is able to mimic the performance of the human being by performing activities on a computer.

In the projects that IT PEERS has in hand at the moment, in partnership with Kofax, the main focus is to optimize the processes of the companies, reducing the human intervention in tasks where their presence is not indispensable. IT PEERS is working to make autonomous systems only with the intervention of robots previously configured. These robots will be able to perform their tasks much faster than humans.

An advantage immediately recognized by users of RPA solutions is the significant increase in the productivity of the organization, as employees are freed from time-consuming tasks to start carrying out more stimulating tasks.

We can also add other advantages of RPA solutions:
• the high scalability of operations without the need to increase the workforce;
• elimination of activities related to manual data collection and human error;
• monitoring the speed of the business, due to the speed gains that the solution allows to obtain.

The Datapeers version 3.3. presents two key new features: a new type of data masking and a feature that allows for more intuitive use of the product.

The new type of masking, called "constant value", transforms all the values ​​of a column (either numeric or alphabetic) into a user-defined constant (which can be a number, a word, or simply a null value). The main advantage that this new masking brings is a greater speed in the process, since the product, contrary to what happened before, doesn't need to look for information in dictionaries nor does it need to read the origin information, because to mask the information only exchange all fields by a single previously defined value. Besides this advantage, this type of masking is much easier to define, which simplifies the user's task.

The "check conditions" feature allows for a more intuitive use of the product. With this new update, Datapeers informs the user about the potential critical issues that may compromise the extraction or upload. Before you even begin any action, the product checks the environment to see if the necessary conditions are met for the process to be completed successfully. This step is very important as implementation time is reduced because there are no unexpected stops that interrupt the process.

The Brazilian market is currently facing serious data privacy challenges due to the LGPD - a general data protection law - enacted in 2018. Increasingly, Brazilian companies in various sectors will feel the need for a tool that allows the data masking. Delphos has several processes for updating test environments, homologation and pre-production that are copied into the production environment of various systems through scripts. With Datapeers, there will be productivity gains in these processes and the data used in the different test phases can be masked, thus ensuring the protection of the information processed.

"After some time using Datapeers on proof-of-concept and demonstrations, we understand that we needed to have the tool licensing to have productivity gains from our internal systems for building test, approval, and pre-production environments. We think that the return on investment will occur in 2019", says Carlos Trindade, Director of Delphos.

"For IT PEERS this is a very important step to solidify Datapeers presence in the Brazilian market and we believe that in 2019 the opportunities in this geography will be very promising, since companies will need to protect themselves because of the new law," says Marcelo Carvalho, commercial manager of Brazil of IT PEERS.

The well-known Law Firm of Porto is currently implementing a document management and digital archive solution. Aguiar-Branco & Associados Law Firm intends to improve the management of its information through document management and digital archive solutions and has the know-how of the IT PEERS team in partnership with bwd.

IT PEERS, after a detailed analysis of the entire company organization and after a study of the solutions available in the market, chose MS Sharepoint for this project due to its specific needs. This document management system allows to share and manage content, information and applications, facilitating teamwork and minimizing the time spent searching for information.

The overall goals of this project are to increase the security of access to information and increase employee productivity, since it will be faster and more intuitive to access the data they need to perform their work. The IT PEERS team is specialized in implementing solutions that aim to increase business performance by making your daily work easier.

Jorge Duarte, CEO of IT PEERS, presented the main requirements that a company needs to have to ensure that its information systems are safe in the 2nd edition of the event organized by the its partner bwd. Through the presentation of real cases of attempted extortion of data and the theft of confidential information, experiences were shared and solutions were presented in this morning that was marked by the exchange of knowledge among different companies.

At a time when information from organizations is so vulnerable, IT PEERS has conveyed the message that it is not enough just to protect information: it is essential to be prepared to act after a possible computer attack or disaster. Thus, Jorge Duarte presented as a solution a kind of "time machine", in which it is possible to go back to the moment immediately before the occurrence of the situation that caused the loss of data: RAAS.

RAAS is a disaster recovery solution developed by IT PEERS that allows remote virtual servers to be activated for fast recovery, allowing lost data to recover in a matter of seconds.


Adriano Ribeiro has extensive experience in the area of ​​Management and Finance. After completing his degree in Economics from the University of Porto, he began his career in December 1982. He held CFO positions at Sonae Distribuição (Portugal and Brazil) between 1993 and 2009. In 2009 he joined the MDS, group from Sonae), where he served as CFO until 2011. From 2012 until 2016 he served as CEO at I2S and in 2016 he joined a new project, also as CEO, at bwd - digital transformation, a company that has been affirming itself in the panorama IT solutions as a leader in digitalisation, document management and process automation solutions.

"IT PEERS is an attractive project and I am undoubtedly very motivated to contribute to its growth. It is an honor for me to be part of this project, which that has given evidence not only in Portugal, but also across borders," says Adriano Ribeiro .

"Receiving a person like Adriano in our team is a tremendous asset because of the experience, dynamism and great work capacity that he has shown throughout his career. In addition to a good friend, he is a person of strong character and great dedication, who will certainly leave his mark on the future of IT PEERS", says Jorge Duarte, CEO.