IDC - Security & Cloud Roadshow 2023  — 26 OCT 2023

It is with great joy that we announce that on October 26th, ITPEERS will participate in IDC’s event – Security & Cloud Roadshow – taking part in Sheraton Hotel Porto. Besides being present with our own stand, we also have a presentation programmed, tackling the themes of CLOUD and DATA SECURITY.

This event will offer a unique opportunity to explore the latest developments on CLOUD and CYBERSECURITY, aiming for new ways to optimize business growth. Also highlighted will be the importance of cybersecurity as a fundamental element of stability and protection on CLOUD environments, approaching its main challenges: the lack of qualified professionals, data protection, privacy, and digital sovereignty. The event is mainly targeted for tech companies and IT professionals, offering an ideal forum to learn with experts in the field, interact with colleagues and discover new ways to reach success in the digital age.

Case Study DATAPEERS — Victoria Seguros 

In the context of internal compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), VICTORIA Seguros challenged ITPEERS to implement its Datapeers solution for anonymizing personal data in a coherent and transversal way across the various business applications that support the insurer's activities.

The project was preceded by a proof of concept based on a specification of requirements defined by the audit team, which made it possible to assess the suitability of the solution and its ability to respond to the high volumes of data that would have to be processed. As a result of the success of the proof of concept, progress was made towards the complete implementation of the solution, which focused on three business databases.



This month, ITPEERS celebrated 18 YEARS! An important number that highlights a perfect balance between youthful vigor and maturity, aspects that define our attitude and commitment. Thank you to all our partners, clients and collaborators, for being a part of our history and accompanying our growth throughout these eighteen years. Now and in the future, we remain focused on innovation, offering the very best solutions in service of your business.

DATA SECURITY Event — 21 JUNE 2023

In partnership with IBM, the themes of DATA SECURITY and SÃO JOÃO were the motto for the ITPEERS event that took place on June 21st, in Vila Nova de Gaia. From the soft scent of the basil to debates about the solutions against digital threats, the event gathered clients and partners in an evening of familiarity, presentations, and a dinner.

The event kicked off with two presentations – Jorge Duarte from ITPEERS, and Alexandre Figueiredo from ARROW – who approached the growing danger of ransomware and the necessity of investing in CYBER RESILIENCY and CYBER SECURITY resources. Later, during dinner, in Dona Maria restaurant in The Lodge Hotel, both reflections about the presentations and a spirit of São João were taken to the table, where sharing and socializing were fundamental. Surrounded by basils and festive traditions, we shared knowledge, stories and we strengthen the bonds with our clients and partners.


IDC – Future of Intelligence — 18 MAY 2023

The event IDC - Future of Intelligence took place on May 18, in Lisbon, where ITPEERS was a sponsor and participated with a presentation regarding the theme: Online AIOps - IT Management powered by Artificial Intelligence.

With the motto "Data is the new Oxygen", it's clear that data is, more than ever, in the center of everything and that companies, far more digital, must manage not only the data, but the entire ecosystem. From the data itself to the types of data management, the infrastructures that manage and store them, to even the solutions that produce and distribute them, all of this is part of the ecosystem. Thus, companies must become even more resilient, more agile, needing not only to manage a wide range of technologies and data solutions in an automated way, but also to have the predictive ability of finding and solving problems before they even happen and with minimum manual intervention.

It's with this goal that ITPEERS presents Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, a new paradigm that will revolutionise the way we manage and support infrastructures and applications. Online AIOps is a solution that applies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to integratecontinuously improve and automate processes of IT management.



At the event IBM Ecosystem Awards 2022, also in Lisbon, IBM gathered its partners to present news and award the ones who stood out in that year. ITPEERS was thus distinguished with two IBM acknowledgements:

- IBM PLATINUM Partner, fruit of the labor and results accomplished with IBM in the previous year.
- Partner of the year for PUBLIC CLOUD, for the second year in the row, for the development in this area of the Cloud.

It is always a pleasure to be recognised for the work carried out, a recognition that is also due to the IBM partnership, our customers, partners and employees, whom we thank for their trust and contribution to our success. We will keep developing our partnership with IBM, while innovating and developing the best solutions for companies. Thank you!

Fórum Ibérico InsurTech 2023 — 12 MAY 2023

ITPEERS was also a sponsor of the Fórum Ibérico InsurTech 2023, an event that occurred on May 12, in Lisbon, organised by AFIP - Associação Fintech Insurtech Portugal, alongside MadFintech - Madrid Capital Fintech. A collaboration between Portugal and Spain as an opportunity for the insurance, technology and innovation sectors, with the participation of several speakers, like Hugh Terry, one of the biggest specialists in innovation in this area of business, and where the following themes were approached: "Impacting Technology in Innovation in the Insurance Sector", "Sustainable Acceleration and ESG/Sustainability" and "Innovation in Distribution of Insurances or with impact in Literacy".

The event tackled the topic of innovation in sustainability of insurance organisations, especially in the environment of change that crosses this sector regarding digitalisation. Fórum Ibérico InsurTech 2023, occurs annually and has as a main objective, to present innovative solutions. This year, it held a space for insurtechs to present innovative propositions for the insurance sector, testimonials and debates about relevant themes for the activity. A space that brought together insurtechs, investors, insurers, correctors, mediators, tech companies and consulters with the objective of sharing strategies, ideas and debating about the future path of the sector.

WOW — Wonderful World of Technology


On November 17th, we opened the doors to the fascinating world of technology. In partnership with IBM, ITPEERS invited clients, partners and collaborators to open their minds and noses to a WOW Experience on Artificial Intelligence and Data Management. Starting with a Welcome Coffee at WOW - The Cultural District, in Vila Nova de Gaia, the event continued with the sharing of projects and knowledge by four specialists from both areas: Jorge Duarte, Co-founder and CEO of ITPEERS — OnlineAIOps: IT management powered by Artificial Intelligence; Luís Gregório, Partner Technical Specialist at IBM — Data Fabric: How the Ladder to Artificial Intelligence Contributes to Extracting Value from Data; Rui Ricardo, Head of Big Data and Revenue Assurance Platforms at Brisa — The challenges of data management in a multi-cloud environment; Luís Sarmento, Co-founder of Inductive Research Labs — Artificial Intelligence in the future of society and companies.

Just as Data Management is a key element of the digital transformation of companies, the wine production process is also fundamental for its quality. And so the event continued, with a visit to The Wine Experience, where guests immersed themselves and got to know the extraordinary world of wine, from the care of the grape, processes, aromas and notes, until the moment it reaches the glass.

And what is the similarity between wine and the ITPEERS and IBM partnership?




It is with great satisfaction that we announce the formal establishment of ITPEERS BRASIL Tecnologias de Informação LTDA. Our subsidiary is in the neighborhood of Alphaville, in São Paulo, where the largest technology companies are located.

In 2012, we started our activity in Brazil, with the establishment of a network of qualified partners located in different regions, who resell and implement our solutions throughout the Brazilian continent. Since then, they have been supported remotely by our engineering team at the head office in Portugal. However, the solid growth over the years boosted the need for local support and engineering for a faster service and adapted to the particularities of the Brazilian market.

Therefore, today, September 7th, the day on which the 200th anniversary of the Independence of Brazil (historical process of separation between Portugal and Brazil) is also celebrated, known as the IPIRANGA'S SCREAM of Liberation, we identify our partnership as the "TECHNOLOGY SCREAM”. It is the culmination of years of aspiration, which fulfills the dual objective of supporting the local operation of selling ITPEERS products and providing specialized IT services, further reinforcing our ability to operate in Portugal.


Those responding are Paulo Aguiar, Partner & Head of IT Services at ITPEERS, Luís Gregório, Partner Technical Specialist at IBM, and our client Pedro Gonçalves, Head of Infrastructure at The Navigator Company. In this video, we share each person's opinion on the current situation of INFORMIX in companies, what are the advantages, its evolution and what is the bet for the future.