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Managed Services

Specialized technical services that allow teams to stay focused on the essentials of the business

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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud architectures enable organizations to integrate operations on-premises and in the cloud to support diverse applications in multiple environments

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Extreme performance

Performance problems impact user satisfaction in 74% of organizations, with a loss of productivity for the business in 60% of them

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Business Continuity

Each availability failure lasts an average of 4 hours and costs around € 255K in lost revenue and productivity

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Solution created by our Research and Development laboratories that applies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to integrate, continuously improve and automate IT management processes.

The AIOPS platform continuously collects all events in your infrastructure, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create real-time insights that allow you to have optimal control over your systems and applications, detecting possible problems even before they happen.


IDENTIFICATION of hidden problems


DETERMINATION of origin cause

Predictive analysis and PROBLEMS PREVENTION

Automatic REMEDIATION actions