The main advantages of virtualization for enterprises

As principais vantagens da virtualização para as empresas

The server virtualization process involves an actual server infrastructure that is used to create virtual machines that simulate physical servers. In this way, a single computer runs multiple systems simultaneously, as if they were different software. The IT manager can thus simplify his operational routine and have greater control over the resources you have at your disposal. In today’s article, we address the key benefits of virtualization for businesses.

Centralized resource management

The more components an IT infrastructure has, the greater the difficulty for managers in managing their resources. An IT management policy that is unable to solve the main problems of everyday life can negatively affect business productivity indices. Thus, investing in centralized management of IT resources reduces the time it takes to keep the devices running. By virtualizing the servers, the company will greatly reduce the maintenance time of its computing resources.

Backup of the simplest data

Server virtualization enables companies to back up their information quickly and accurately. The need to have up-to-date and secure backups is increasingly becoming a reality in companies. Since the data from each storage device is where the system is, snapshots are created on the go. This factor will be very useful when data recovery is required.

Saving of physical space

The company will not need to have several equipments in the office, as it will be able to perform several actions through a single equipment. The space occupied with IT equipment will be greatly reduced and this will also have an impact on expenses.

Easy application maintenance

Migrating IT solutions across disparate environments is a very complex process: requirements, data security policies, and often unsuitable time frames need to be addressed. With virtualization, these problems are eliminated by ensuring more effective application management.


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