How to reduce enterprise costs with cloud computing?

Como reduzir os custos da empresa com cloud computing?

Cloud computing has revolutionized IT. If previously it was mandatory for companies to invest in expensive equipment, specialized infrastructure and technical services, today it is not necessary to invest in this equipment, because, thanks to the Cloud, the information is available online and can be accessed from any location. Using cloud computing in business has numerous advantages, one of the most important being cost reduction. In today’s article, we will see how we can reduce company costs with cloud computing!

Your business goes mobile

Wherever the employee is, he can always browse their files through a computer or mobile device. You no longer need to carry external drives and USB sticks to ensure you have the files you need when traveling, thus eliminating the likelihood of data theft. The cloud provides universal access to maximum power computing, allowing access to file servers for any user with a device with network access. This makes it much easier for employees to work from anywhere, and the company can reduce office space maintenance costs.

Enhanced Information Security

A system failure seriously threatens a company’s productivity. In the event of a failure, important reports can be lost and even with a policy of frequent backups, you may never be able to recover information that is critical to your business. When using a cloud storage system, data is completely safe even in the event of system failures. You will always have your data available and up to date, greatly reducing the likelihood of data theft. And all this means a great deal of value, because a company that sees its data exposed can be seriously compromised.

Human Resources Maximization

Cloud storage frees IT staff for other tasks and leaves them free from network failure issues. Storing files in the cloud means you have no maintenance, updating and training costs. IT staff are free to work in other business-critical sectors.

Permanent backup

The cloud backs up automatically and constantly without having to worry about it. You will no longer risk losing that document you have been working on all day! And you no longer have to worry about clicking the “Save” button every five minutes, so you can work quietly without worrying about losing information.

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