What would you do if you lost all your company information?

O que faria se perdesse toda a informação da sua empresa?

Losing all your business information is a nightmare you certainly don’t want to live with. Losing your business data and the personal data of customers, suppliers and partners can lead a company to its failure. It’s hard to know what to do if your business data gets lost, so we will share best practices in this article to ensure the security of your information and to avoid losing all of your business data as much as possible!

Use data masking

Not only is total data loss compromising business continuity: improper data exposure also puts everything at risk. Data masking aims at creating a structurally identical version of the data, but not the same as the original version. This technique creates a database with fictitious but realistic information that can be used for testing and training purposes. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to adopt such solutions as cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, making them more unpredictable and lethal. And exposing sensitive business data can put the entire organization at risk. Datapeers offers a variety of sophisticated scrambling techniques to protect sensitive data, irreversibly replacing it with fictional but realistic data.

Backing up often is required

Having a backup policy is critical to recovering data lost or stolen by others. Without a backup policy that involves all contributors, permanent data loss through misuse is much more likely. Employees must be trained and made aware of the importance of protecting business information as much as possible. It is increasingly advisable to ensure that a copy of the data is made to the Cloud. This ensures that data is not lost is much stronger.

Learn how to defend against possible attacks

It is necessary to take a proactive stance and define ways to combat any attacks. Set rules regarding firewall usage, encryption, data masking, backups, audits, and network monitoring. It is very important that this point is present in the security policy as this will allow the company to know how to act in the event of an attack and will be able to resume normal operations as soon as possible.


Extra Tip:

As much as the IT manager does his best, there can always be problems, as computer threats are becoming more sophisticated. A disaster recovery plan can be the lifeline of a business. This document covers all the actions and procedures to be taken in case of failures in order to recover the computer services without compromising the data. Server issues, machine failures, and network viruses are some of the problems that can happen in an enterprise and compromise all security. RAAS is a 24/7 managed service to ensure the availability of your applications.

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