What are the biggest challenges in cloud computing?

Quais são os maiores desafios da cloud computing?

Cloud offers important benefits for managing an organization. It’s easy to handle, scalable, and more secure against more traditional options. However, in the world of technology there are no perfect scenarios, so there is still some distrust on the part of users about this way of working. In addition, in a world in which information security threats are increasingly present, cloud computing continues (and will continue to) face challenges that address the increasingly demanding market needs. In today’s article, we will address the biggest challenges of cloud computing!


Data protection is one of the biggest concerns of companies today. A cloud service needs to ensure maximum levels of security as this is a key point in the decision to hire. Cloud service providers need sophisticated security practices that involve a rigid hierarchy, with different permissions depending on job titles.


Downtime is a deciding factor in hiring a new cloud technology provider. It is also very important for the cloud service provider to be able to inform the customer about what it offers in the event of a crisis, ie how long to recover from a disaster and how fast to respond if the company needs support. The challenge in this area is to be fast and effective.


Migrating from physical to virtual environments is constantly a challenge. Companies had to move and create more universal cloud access. According to data from consultant Stratistics, investment in migration capacity is expected to approach $ 20.65 billion by 2027. The challenge is to achieve greater customer fluidity and flexibility.

Stay up to date

This challenge is transversal to all technological sectors. As an increasingly strategic area for organizations, it is critical to keep abreast of market developments so that you can improve your performance. The advice we leave you is to read the reports of the top companies in the area and to follow the trends of renowned companies. This way, you can always be aware of what is happening in the market and can implement improvements to your Cloud storage strategy.

Internet failures

It may seem a lie, but it is true: by 2020 there are still countries with broadband connections below the world standard. This creates problems with cloud usage as network access is very unstable. Some regions have problems due to high Internet access prices, while others have often failed connections. This is a structural problem beyond corporate control but needs to be addressed by organizations in regions suffering from poor internet access.

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