5 Essential Tools for Working at Home

5 Ferramentas essenciais para trabalhar em casa

Working from home can be a real test of our productive capacity. We know that we are in our environment and we may have a tendency to procrastinate. However, in a difficult time like the one we are living with to fight the coronavirus, it is essential to keep our mind busy and our level of performance as much as possible. In today’s article, we leave you with 5 essential tool tips to be able to work from home while staying productive!

Microsoft Teams 

This tool is a communication solution that is fully integrated with Office. It is an essential platform for collaborative work. You can edit documents online in real time, together with your colleagues. This platform also has an organized system for exchanging messages and conversations in audio and video. It is also available in mobile format and can support teams of 10 thousand people.

Chrome Remote Desktop

This is the best solution for companies that, for security reasons, do not allow computers to leave the office. Through this Google Chrome solution you can access information from another account’s desktop from your personal computer or smartphone. This service offers remote support to users.

Google Drive 

Storing files in the Cloud is already a reality for many companies. When it comes to working remotely, transferring large files is a challenge, as e-mails impose a size limit on transfers. Google Drive is the solution to this problem. This platform offers up to 5 GB of free space and the user can hire more space if needed. This tool is perfectly integrated with Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Doc. This is the best way to access files remotely.


This is a project management software that allows file sharing, deadline setting, task list and centralized feedback. You can access the content from your computer or smartphone. This tool is ideal for teams that are telecommuting, as it is possible to coordinate the work at a distance.

Instant messaging services

It is important that there is fluidity in the transmission of messages, as well as transparency in the work environment, even when working from home. It is essential to implement business management channels and/or applications that facilitate communication between the various departments, namely the creation of groups on Whatsapp or the creation of an internal newsletter.

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