How does Cloud technology help companies face the market?

Como é que a tecnologia Cloud ajuda as empresas a enfrentar o mercado?

The Cloud is the major trend in the technology market, as its use allows companies to have high levels of data security. In addition, the Cloud allows employees to have access to all the data they need, regardless of where they are. This advantage is especially important today, because due to the new coronavirus many people are telecommuting. In today’s article, we will see how Cloud technology helps companies face the market

Total flexibility

Flexibility is one of the great advantages of adopting the cloud, especially the hybrid cloud. With a solution of this type, you can easily increase the capacity of your server and you don’t need to waste time on bureaucracy or high expenses. The hybrid cloud accompanies the growth of your business, without complications and with total flexibility. In a highly competitive market like the one we have, it is essential that companies are able to adapt easily to any change.

Constant backup

The Cloud backs up your information constantly and automatically, so you don’t have to worry about storing your information. Nowadays, information is very important, being even the most valuable asset of your organization. Securing a backup on the Cloud is an extremely important step in making sure that your most sensitive data is not exposed or lost. A company that loses all its valuable information, will hardly be able to return to its normal activity.

Better use of human resources

Cloud storage frees the IT team for other tasks and leaves them free from problems related to network failures. Storing the files in the cloud means that there is no cost to maintain, update and train employees. Savings in this area allow the company to invest in other areas, such as marketing, for example.


Wherever the employee is, he can always consult his files through a computer or mobile device. It is no longer necessary to carry external disks and USB sticks to ensure you have the files you need when traveling, thus eliminating the likelihood of data theft. The cloud provides universal access to maximum power computing, allowing access to file servers for any user with a device with access to the network. At a time when the world is going through a pandemic phase, this advantage is particularly important.



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