How can artificial intelligence help fight Covid-19?

Como pode a inteligência artificial ajudar no combate ao Covid-19?

The world is going through a pandemic and artificial intelligence can prove to be extremely useful in combating this new disease. However, it will take some time for AI techniques to be one hundred percent in tune to help effectively in this fight. However, there are some techniques that have been shown to be effective especially in detecting the virus. In today’s article, we’ll look at how artificial intelligence can help combat Covid-19!

Rapid detection tests

Scientists from the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, in Portugal, are working on creating a European Covid-19 rapid detection test. This test, through artificial intelligence, can predict the level of severity that the disease will have in a given patient. The data collected in each test will be analyzed by software that, using artificial intelligence algorithms, determines the degree of the impact of the disease on that specific patient.

Rapid diagnosis

Ecuador is the first country in South America to have an auxiliary diagnostic system for detecting the disease using artificial intelligence. The country has software that allows analyzing the results of CT scans of people suspected of having contracted the virus in three minutes. The software has thousands of images stored around the world of lung injuries from patients infected with coronavirus. Thus, it is possible to compare the results obtained in hospitals in Ecuador and have a more accurate diagnosis.


This is an online platform where anyone can share their symptoms, in order to understand whether they need to seek medical help or not. This application uses artificial intelligence to better understand the disease, analyzing the data shared by each user. CovidApp proves to be very useful to carry out an epidemic study of the disease and to understand the patterns in its evolution.

Analyze anxiety

An Ohio company specializes in analyzing behaviors and uses artificial intelligence to measure people’s emotional response during this pandemic. The technology uses behavioral psychology to analyze messages from Twitter and blog users.

Temperature measurement

In China, thermal scanners were installed at train stations in major cities. And what do these scanners do? They check the temperature of all passengers, being able to immediately identify suspected cases.

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