Did you know that data is the most important asset of any business?

Keeping the company functional after the holidays is the most important reason to join a backup and disaster recovery solution.

Backup Regularly

With a sound and regular backup policy, the possibility of data loss is greatly reduced. Besides that, the information is always available for recovery in case of any error or corruption .

Limit access to sensitive information

If data is available without any control, it is far more likely that they are exposed or lost. Being extremely judicious in accessing and storing data will avoid you headaches in the future.

Cost reduction

You can save up to 3x more by implementing a recovery solution based on virtual machine replication, that is capable of recovering your data within seconds. With the old methods, companies spent more resources in the installation, purchase and maintenance of data centers, where they would configure highly complex solutions for data replication. A disaster recovery solution in the Cloud offers you more affordable costs and greater flexibility.

Higher client satisfaction

The current consumer does not easily tolerate unavailability of services. Keeping the infrastructures available 24×7 can help to leverage the business, avoiding financial losses and maintaining the trust of its customers.

On this vacation, our RAAS solution can be your lifeline.

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