Strategy is the most important in any business

João is CEO of a leading company in the textile sector.
Since he had an exponential growth in his business, he had the need to invest in the digitalization of his business and in streamlining processes, making them more efficient. João’s team religiously keeps all documentation on servers, in a specific room and in ideal conditions.

On a day of heavy rain, his company was irreparably affected. After triggering the contingency plan, they concluded that the company lost its history, contacts, documents and applications. João’s company closed and had to start over from scratch.

This is João’s story, but it could be that of any businessman. Whenever a company opens doors, it has to be prepared for any unforeseen event. When you anticipate a problem you are gaining ground, and prepared to safeguard your data, that is, your company will be able to recover faster. Studies show that 43% of companies that are affected by such a situation, do not rise again.

With the solution of a Disaster Recovery plan, there is a guarantee of business continuity with the replication and recovery of your data. Many of the systems of most companies are already obsolete and inserted locally, which does not effectively prevent any catastrophes. Therefore, a service in the Cloud associated with a Disaster Recovery plan, can assist you from the beginning of your organization.

Continuous protection
Having a Disaster Recovery service has a relatively low cost considering the advantages and security guarantee they provide. Protecting data, through continuous replication and recovery, and improving the likelihood is the advantage that will guarantee your success.

See also some of the main benefits associated with the RAAS service:
Security – A platform that guarantees high levels of security, through encryption and backup, your business will always be protected.
Low cost – Reduced costs through the implementation of shared recovery solutions without initial costs.
Simplicity – Simple application that allows you to manage the replication of your data autonomously.

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