New Partnership – Latourrette Consulting

We have long valued the importance of creating successful partnerships to effectively respond to our customers’ challenges. The companies’ need to adapt to a new work reality allowed for the creation of a partnership with Latourrette Consulting. Present in the city of Porto and in several countries around the world, it acts as a provider of solutions for the Digital Transformation of organizations, in the areas of: Finance, Insurance, Retail, Logistics, Transport, Health and Accounting Companies.

Assisting customers in simplifying documentation and allowing the reformulation of procedures, gives a competitive advantage to the business future, taking into account the greater “openness of companies to the themes of Digital Transformation and Transition to Cloud environments”, tells us Maria Bago , Marketing Manager at Latourrette Consulting. This is a “change that is taking place at this very moment in a transversal and simultaneous way in all vertical markets and all over the world”.

Latourrette’s 10 years of experience allows it to have a consolidated portfolio and more than 220 technical certifications among all the technologies they develop and build. The partnership with ITPEERS, celebrated at the beginning of June, fulfills some of the needs of both companies, in view of the challenges posed by customers, helping to streamline and provide a differentiating and innovative service. This cooperation will allow “to increase the capacity to create value and generate an immediate impact” and a great “possibility of expanding the base of action”.


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