World Backup Day

World Backup Day is the best reminder to prevent data loss.

ITPEERS wants, with this date, to highlight the importance of determining a detailed and updated data backup strategy for your company. Organizations and companies have a very extensive digital footprint, so they need to be prepared against data loss and theft by continuously performing data backups.

Therefore, we suggest the following tips to implement in your company for more secure and consistent backup:

Organize data info categories and eliminate duplicates: implementing classification systems to understand the types of data your company has, will be beneficial also in reducing the management effort attack surfaces;

Test backups regularly: it is crucial to ensure that backups are working correctly and that they are being completed within the intended deadlines;

Develop a disaster recovery plan: the plan should include steps to be taken in the event of a disaster or data loss and information about data backup and recovery procedures;

Protect the location of backups: backups should be kept in a safe place from physical threats such as theft or natural disaster;

Train your employees on data backup best practices: they should be taught the fundamentals of how to initiate backup, store backup contents and test them.

Make your backup system more efficient and secure with ITPEERS solutions!

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  1. Lucy Will Reply

    Thanks for addressing the data backup concern. It is important to have data backup plan in the digital age. You never know when an unexpected event can occur, so it is essential to be fully prepared for those uncertainty.

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