How to use artificial intelligence in human resources management?

Como utilizar a inteligência artificial na gestão de Recursos Humanos?

Many movies talks about a future where machines dominate (and even eliminate) the human being. We can not say that this will one day be a reality, but we can say that technology increasingly conquers the internal processes of companies. One of the most important areas in an organization is the human resources area. This sector deals with human capital and HR tasks involve the treatment of many data. In today’s article, we explain how to use artificial intelligence in Human Resource management!

Recruitment and selection

In this field, the company can use softwares to identify the ideal candidate. Nowadays, many professionals offer information about their training and career in social networks. With the help of an application based on Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to recruit the ideal professional. In this way, the company saves time and money, as it achieves a faster and more efficient recruitment. The trend of the future is that recruitment is done with the help of algorithms that are based on a vast set of individual data. The algorithms will also have a preponderant role in the evaluation of the employees, identifying deviations and differences with respect to the means, indicating the skills that stand out the most and the points that need to be improved.

Evaluation of candidates

During the interview process, it is possible to establish, through the help of Artificial Intelligence, several parameters that allow to evaluate the performance of the candidates during the interviews and the group dynamics. At the end of the process, the software is able to deliver a report with the names of the candidates most suitable for the function.

Automation of processes

One of the biggest advantages of Artificial Intelligence is the automation of processes. In the area of ​​human resources there are many repetitive tasks that can easily have errors, namely typing. With the automation of processes, the probability of error drastically reduces and employees will be freer to perform tasks with greater added value.

More efficient use of data

Artificial intelligence helps to compile data and analyze daily experiences in order to find patterns and ways of improvement. This work, when performed by people, is time consuming and susceptible to different types of errors. The artificial intelligence systems of data analysis independently calculate the information in order to generate insights essential for a correct decision making. With experience, machines will be able to learn to predict behavior from both employees and customers, and the likelihood of errors is dramatically reduced.

The contribution of artificial intelligence to IT management was the theme chosen for the first edition of IT PEERS Summit. IT PEERS proposes the debate on what the artificial intelligence tools, machine learning, RPA, among others, can do for IT management.

A few years ago it was practically impossible to think that there would be machines capable of speaking and solving problems autonomously. Whenever we approached questions of artificial intelligence and robots, we thought of a distant future and believed that this future would never come. Well, the future in which machines are able to help the human being autonomously is the present that we are living! Artificial intelligence is increasingly used in day-to-day business. However, it is not yet being fully leveraged by organizations and the IT PEERS Summit aims to demystify preconceived ideas and discuss how far Artificial Intelligence’s contribution to IT management can go.

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