The main uses of RPA in companies

As principais utilizações de RPA nas empresas

RPA mimics the activity of a human being in accomplishing a task within a process. Using RPA, it is possible to perform activities faster, more accurately and relentlessly, freeing human beings to perform other tasks that really require human capabilities. But where can we apply RPA in companies? That’s what we will realize with today’s article!

Workflow Management

This sector encompasses workflow management and other human resource management processes such as shift assignment, payroll management and employee leave management, which can be performed more productively by RPA. These tasks are usually quite bureaucratic and monotonous, which can lead to employee demotivation. Using RPA will make these tasks easier.

Marketing management

Marketing is one of the areas to gain most from process automation. Campaigns can be repeated without manual effort, which makes it possible to adjust analysis-based strategies while RPA will help measure the effectiveness of new strategies. Communication channels with customers are growing in number and it is humanly impossible to control all established communications, so automation will gain a prominent role in this area.

Financial management

The use of RPA in this area includes order and invoice processing, accounts payable and accounts receivable management, account reconciliation, money orders, reports, consolidation of account information and numerous other tasks. The company will benefit from automation in this area, as the likelihood of error is greatly reduced.

Online sales management

Due to the increasing demand for online shopping, it is impossible to manage all orders manually. Aggravating the situation, we have an increasingly demanding consumer and it is crucial that companies can be quick to respond to their customers and potential customers. Being humanly impossible to be 24 hours a day and 7 days a week behind a website, automation in this area seems to be the answer to customer loyalty. Order management, shipping and complaint management are the areas that can benefit most from RPA solutions.

In conclusion, the evidence suggests that Artificial Intelligence solutions like RPA deliver real value to business and can be a powerful force for disruption. The first to adopt AI solutions that combine strong digital capacity with proactive strategies have higher profit margins and stand out in terms of the performance of other companies. Numerous success stories in implementing retail, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare and education companies highlight AI’s potential to improve forecasting and sourcing, optimize and automate operations, develop targeted marketing, price management, and improve experience.

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