4 Key Steps to Implementing Digital Transformation in Your Business

4 Passos fundamentais para implementar a transformação digital na sua empresa

Digital transformation is not a new term, but it is increasingly at the heart of organizations’ goals. Companies are beginning to recognize the competitive advantages that digital transformation brings and are looking to become more digital with each passing day. More than a goal or a whim, digital transformation is a real necessity for companies to succeed in the marketplace. But how to start? In today’s article, we present 4 fundamental steps to apply digital transformation in your business!

Reset entire IT area

Many companies still highlight only the technical part of their IT culture, but this culture needs to be changed before starting any digital transformation process. The IT culture should focus on results for customers and be service oriented. It is essential that there is an alliance between the technical part and the business part. This change will require greater collaboration between teams that will need to start working interconnectedly.

Increase automation

Task automation is essential in a digital transformation process. More bureaucratic tasks should be automated as they reduce the number of errors and increase team efficiency. IT needs to find a maximum level of automation that is efficiently implemented to improve results.

Keep up with market trends

New technologies are constantly evolving and in order for companies not to become obsolete, they need to keep up with innovation. It is essential to always be aware of what the market has to offer in order to assess whether new solutions have business benefits.

Understand the true needs of the company

Before putting new tools into the business, you need to understand if they are really needed and it they will add value to the organization. Often, companies adopt a tool just because it is fashionable, but in fact it adds nothing new. Digital transformation cannot be a matter of fashion, but a necessity and, as such, the reality of each organization must be analyzed and only after having a diagnosis can we start looking for digital solutions.


Implementation is just the beginning of a journey through the advantages of the digital world. Digital transformation must be seen as a continuous process, as it is necessary to constantly evaluate the reality of the company and the business scenarios that exist at every moment. Only in this way can you find the right tools to improve business processes. Evolution is constant and companies need to adapt to win in the market in which they operate.

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