5 Advantages of adopting hybrid cloud in your company

5 Vantagens de adotar a cloud híbrida na sua empresa

The hybrid cloud emerged through the merger between the public cloud and the private cloud. With this new form of storage, it is possible for an organization to keep its most sensitive data on its own server (private cloud), while less sensitive information can be allocated on a public server. In the current scenario, it is essential that companies ensure elasticity, availability and security in their storage solutions. In today’s article, we present the 5 main advantages of adopting hybrid cloud in your company!

Great flexibility

Flexibility is one of the great advantages of adopting the hybrid cloud. With a solution of this type, you can easily increase the capacity of your server and you don’t need to waste time with bureaucracy or high expenses. The hybrid cloud accompanies the growth of your business, without complications and with total flexibility.

Increased security

Security is the word of the day for companies. A system failure seriously threatens a company’s productivity. In case of failure, important data can be lost and even with a policy of frequent backups, you may never be able to recover essential information for the company. When using a cloud storage system, data is completely secure even in the event of system failures. There will always be a copy of your information to save you.


Cloud computing brings together the best in public and private cloud. The integration of the services of a private server with a public server optimizes the company’s infrastructure. You do not need to adapt public applications to the private world and vice versa, guaranteeing the maximum performance of each application.

Maximizing resources

Cloud storage frees the IT team for other tasks and leaves them free from problems related to network failures. Storing the files in the cloud means that you do not have high costs with maintenance, updating and training of employees.

Cost reduction

We were able to easily perceive cost savings by adopting the hybrid cloud through TCO – Total Cost of Ownership. The savings happen in the company’s capital, as it is no longer necessary to buy hardware for the company, thus reducing its CAPEX. Operational expense is also reduced, since the responsibility for maintenance becomes the responsibility of the company that provides storage in the Cloud, drastically reducing OPEX.


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