How to increase the efficiency of your business through technology?

Como aumentar a eficiência do seu negócio através da tecnologia?

We no longer live without technology, either in our work or in our personal life. The efficiency of an organization that invests correctly in this area increases by about two thirds. This was the conclusion of a study carried out by Oracle and WHU. According to this study, there are some factors that are crucial for the business to increase its efficiency through technology. In today’s article, we’ll learn about these factors and explain how to apply them to companies!

Make decisions based on data

The information if it is not available for the manager to make decisions is of no use. Therefore, for there to be a conscious and assertive decision making it is increasingly necessary to use dashboards. A dashboard is a control panel that visually presents the most important information about the business. In the case of using a tool like Multipeers, the information is updated permanently and automatically, so that you have at your disposal the most current information about everything that happens in the company. Only with a thorough knowledge of all the company’s data will the decisions made be the most appropriate for the future of the business.

Flexibility for change

Many companies want to change, but the teams are unable to follow this trend. Everything new is scary, so it is essential to involve all employees from the first moment when a change is announced. Therefore, training in new computer programs and software is essential in this field. Employees have to feel an integral part of the process to feel motivated to change and evolve.

Communication and collaboration between teams

Technology has a very relevant role in this area because it facilitates communication between teams, even if they are geographically distant (through videoconferences, for example). When there is an effective internal communication policy, it is easier to train employees, as they exchange information between them and share knowledge. In a company that encourages good communication, employees will not be afraid to say “I don’t know” and will be able to learn from more experienced professionals.

Digital transformation

Digital technologies have redefined the way companies do business, changed the way we relate to customers and the way we communicate. Digital transformation is much more than including technology in all the company’s processes. Digital transformation is a change that affects all areas of the business and that requires cultural change, which will only be achieved if employees are willing to change. It is important to analyze your company’s market and define a strategy for the future, identifying potential threats and opportunities, adapting the company’s entire performance.

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