MACHINE LEARNING: how to make a company competitive

With the constant technological evolution, the only way for companies to remain competitive and solid in the market comes from the search for innovative solutions. 

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have played a prominent role in responding to this challenge.  Machines become able to make decisions, based on the analysis of a virtually unlimited amount of information made available to them through multiple data sources, which allows companies to use all this information to, among other things, anticipate consumers preferences.

The ability of the algorithms to analyse and learn from new or already existing data, is a great advantage in optimizing processes and procedures, freeing teams to perform other tasks of greater value.  There are countless advantages for companies and consumers. 

As an example, we list 4 major benefits: 

Digital crime prevention 

The algorithms can analyse the entire history of financial transactions and identify fraud in payment processes and attempts of identity theft. 

Improvement in the recruitment process 

The use of software to find the best professionals to select the applications that best fulfil the requirements of a job, accelerates and clearly increases the effectiveness and success of recruitment processes. 

Customization of customer service 

The algorithms are able to identify users’ preferences and dynamically adjust the offered contents according to their interest.   

Problem prevention 

Machine Learning can identify when there is a need to update equipment, and sometimes even solve a problem without any human intervention – auto remediation or self healing. With the ability to anticipate problems, issues such as productivity losses, damaged equipment or expenses with emergency maintenance actions are avoided. 

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