Bases for effective digital transformation

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The implementation of digital transformation is crucial for a sustained and flexible growth of the company. When opting for digital, the business will have to be prepared for the impact – positive or negative – in changing the working method within the organization. However, the digitization successfully implemented, will allow to create new sources of revenue, added value, high levels of effectiveness and efficiency, greater customer loyalty and satisfaction, and even greater decision-making power. Before starting the digital transformation process, you should be aware of 3 fundamental issues:

1. Why choose digital transformation?

To start the transition from analog to digital, it is important to reformulate the company’s real quantitative and qualitative objectives. Differentiation from the competition, the technology inherent in the provision of services it provides to its client, the level of service and the strength of the brand are important factors. The analysis of all the strengths will make it possible to know the level of ambition to achieve with the digital transformation.

2. What changes with the implementation?

When implementing a strategy, it is necessary to clarify the operational tasks, namely at the level of:

  • Creation of new media

Do competitors use new technologies?

Are new value propositions being developed?

  • Development of new business architectures

Are digital resources and all forms of contact with the customer being used?

Are all the benefits of digitization being used?

Is digitalization really changing all the direction and management processes?

  • Strengthening the bases

Use of the best technology in the company?

Are all processes being streamlined within the company?

Are partnerships being established according to the objectives set?

The answers to these questions will be fundamental for the development of the digital transformation process in your company.

3. How to implement?

The planning of a route and the organization according to the priority, are fundamental:

  • Definition of a scanning program

  1. People and processes must be digitally aligned;
  2. All points of contact between the customer and the company become digital;
  3. Form transversal and digital-oriented teams.
  • Strengthen the digital enterprise

  1. Development and performance optimization, in a test and learning management;
  2. The introduction of new products and services must be optimized after verification.
  • Gain dimension

  1. Rational implementation;
  2. Quick and comprehensive installation of previously tested solutions.

If you want your company to join the digital transformation, contact us. We have experts in the consulting field, who will help you make the best decisions and implement the best processes.

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