Our solutions use various AI strategies to work with data coming from log files, metrics and monitoring tools, helpdesk tickets, and more. We aggregate and organize all outputs of the systems in a useful way and use analysis techniques to interpret the raw data, creating new relevant information to the business. We automate functions through machine learning, reducing the manual processes and the time used to perform routine activities. We create visualization tools, providing dashboards, reports, graphs and other human-readable elements so that users follow the changes and events that are happening.


Effective Data Processing

Systems, services and applications produce a large volume of log and performance data, and AIOps uses this data to monitor assets and gain visibility into dependencies on IT systems

Automate routine practices

Monitoring of relevant data in each environment, generating automated events, reducing human interaction in routine tasks, and freeing human resources to other areas

Recognize technical problems with great precision

AIOps approaches unusual processes, prioritizing the event in the critical system as a possible problem or failure, when the behavior leaves the norm, and declassifies the event by performing a predefined mitigation function

Improves interactions between data center groups and teams

AIOps provides each functional IT group with relevant data and perspectives as it has the ability to learn which analysis data to display for each group

Simultaneous use of various techniques

AIOps uses a set of various AI strategies, including data output, aggregation, analysis, algorithms, automation and orchestration, machine learning and visualization, in a well-defined way

Machine learning for the benefit of the business

Our solutions can anticipate, for example, that an application needs more storage and then start an automated process to make additional storage available in consistent increments with algorithmic rules

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