Find the most common mistakes in IT management (and get to know how to eliminate them!)

Conheça os erros mais comuns na gestão de TI ( e saiba como eliminá-los!)

IT management is an essential area in business, but rather error-prone. As this is an area that is constantly changing and evolving it is necessary to have a very large capacity for adaptability as well as solid technical knowledge. There are very committed mistakes that can seriously harm the company. In today’s article, we present the most common mistakes in IT management and leave important tips for you not to commit them again!

Do not value user feedback

Virtually every employee in a company needs IT to do their daily work. A company’s performance can be compromised if the IT infrastructure does not work as it should. Therefore, it is imperative that the IT manager value the opinions and contributions of the various users, since they are the targets of all operations. In this way, there will always be a policy of continuous improvement in the company and this improvement will happen naturally.

Do not create KPIs

KPIs are a fundamental tool for all areas of a company. They are used to monitor the evolution of projects and to detect failures in processes at an early stage. The performance indicators can be related to average time of service, compliance with deadlines, equipment downtime, among many others. Each indicator should be seen as a management tool that will make processes more productive and efficient.

Do not invest (seriously) in the security sector

There are increasing threats to information security in enterprises and it is necessary to take the necessary measures to eliminate, or at least minimize, the impacts of a computer attack. Reducing systems vulnerability should be a priority in the IT management arena. Unfortunately, companies still do not take the necessary information protection tools seriously, and they end up being attacked and suffer damage, often irremediable for the continuity of the business.

Do not renew equipment

Because IT equipment is often very expensive, companies tend to stop buying new versions of software and equipment. However, this practice is not very advisable because the software end up losing effectiveness and become less secure. It is fundamental that companies are always aware of the evolution of the market, because only in this way can they remain competitive.



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