How can artificial intelligence help my business?

Como é que a inteligência artificial pode ajudar o meu negócio?

Artificial intelligence is the ability that machines have to think like humans. It defines their ability to learn, reason and decide autonomously and intelligently. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a recent concept. It first emerged in 1956 by John McCarthy, a university professor who used the term to describe a distant world in which machines would be able to solve all problems that until then were solved exclusively by humans. However, this has been one of the most debated topics of the moment, as companies have begun to gain awareness about the numerous benefits that this concept can have in their business. In today’s article, let’s understand how artificial intelligence can help business!

Improve the consumer experience

The consumer is more demanding than ever. The information we are able to access today makes us more aware of what we need and what the market has to offer us. As the consumer is the most important person in the entire communication process, based on the data collected (personal information, information about what searches on the internet, buying behavior) it is possible to offer personalized content according to the actual preferences of each person. Thus, each consumer will feel unique and special and the company will profit from this, because the probability of the customer becoming loyal to your company is very high.

Automation of tasks

This is undoubtedly the great advantage of using artificial intelligence. The activities that are now carried out manually will be carried out by machines. Systems will know how to control and make their own upgrades and maintenance, which makes all processes more efficient. In addition, the probability of making mistakes becomes much lower and employees are free to perform tasks in which their reasoning and critical thinking skills are needed.

Smarter use of data

Artificial intelligence helps to compile data and analyze daily experiences in order to find patterns and ways of improvement. The artificial intelligence systems of data analysis independently calculate the information in order to generate insights for a correct decision making. With experience, machines will be able to learn how to predict behavior of employees and customers.

Highlight in relation to the competition

The use of AI technologies becomes a differentiating factor against direct competition. This moment is very opportune to start implementing solutions of this type, since there is still a lot of ignorance regarding these solutions. A company that uses AI technologies will create a great competitive advantage in the market.

Proactive market stance

The use of artificial intelligence allows companies to anticipate possible changes in the market, particularly in terms of consumer preferences and purchasing patterns. More than ever, companies need to have a proactive and non-reactive stance as markets become increasingly volatile and unpredictable.

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