The Great Benefits of AIOPS in IT Management

Os grandes benefícios do AIOPS na gestão de TI

New technologies have changed the behavior of users. Today we are all less patient to wait for a problem to be resolved. The solution has to be immediate and IT management has to be fast enough to respond to user demands. For this reason (and many other reasons!) it comes the term AIOPS: Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. This new form of IT management allows for a move away from isolated management of operations and provides intelligent insights that promote automation and collaboration for continuous improvement. In today’s article, we covered the great benefits of AIOPS in IT management.

Problem Cause Analysis

AIOps solutions help IT teams quickly understand the cause of a problem affecting a particular service or set of services and contextualize relevant information so that the most appropriate remediation can be performed.

Algorithm Reduction and Correlation

AIOPS eliminates redundant alerts and automatically correlates related alerts to improve critical problem detection and expedite resolution.

Problem prevention through smart alerts

AIOps solutions can generate alerts based on abnormal scenario values ​​(anomaly detection). Algorithms learn from tool data and identify events that do not conform to a previously established standard.

Smart automation

Through the smart insights generated, AIOps solutions drive processes in automation and collaboration tools to provide faster problem correction.

Predictive Capacity Identification

AIOps solutions prevent (or at least greatly decrease) service disruptions and reduce waste by discovering underutilized capacity in hybrid infrastructures.

Datacenter Team and Group Agility

AIOps provides each functional IT group with relevant data and insights as it has the ability to learn which analytics data to show to each group.


This new way of managing information technologies presents numerous challenges. First of all is resistance to change. There is still some distrust of artificial intelligence and there is a fear that task automation will endanger people’s jobs. Another challenge concerns data disorganization. Most companies don’t have data in an organized manner and Artificial Intelligence works entirely based on reading information to perform its function. When you read wrong information, you create wrong patterns. Finally, another challenge of this sector is the lack of planning. Some companies deploy AI so as not to be out of the market or because the competitor deployed and had a good result. However, each case is a case and if there is no planning on what the company expects from the machine and if there is not enough well-structured data, all investment falls apart. You need to do market research and evaluate the pros and cons of technology and its applicability to the business.

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