How does artificial intelligence impact business value?

Como é que a inteligência artificial impacta o valor do negócio?

The future where machines help humans by performing complex and routine tasks has arrived. Artificial intelligence allows machines to learn from experience and to perform tasks in a similar way to humans. With deep learning, machines can be trained to perform specific tasks by processing large amounts of data and identifying patterns. But how does artificial intelligence impact business value? That’s what we will find out in today’s article!

Improve the customer experience by increasing your brand loyalty

Businesses live for customers and improving the customer experience through the use of artificial intelligence will bring numerous benefits to organizations. Activities that are now performed manually (such as sending newsletters and campaigns) will now be performed by machines, greatly reducing the likelihood of mistakes. It will be easier to send the right offers to each customer or potential customer because artificial intelligence will be able to analyze each person’s interaction history with the company, creating a unique profile.

More efficient use of human resources data

Artificial intelligence helps to effectively compile data and analyze daily experiences to find patterns and ways for improvement. Artificial intelligence systems for data analysis autonomously calculate information to generate essential insights for correct decision making.

Elimination of repetitive tasks, increasing team motivation

Artificial intelligence helps employees stop wasting time on overly bureaucratic and administrative tasks. Through rules, it is possible for robots to perform the role of personal assistants, giving information about day-to-day tasks, meeting agendas and travel times, for example. Thus, there is a reallocation of human resources to value-added tasks, which will increase your motivation and inevitably increase the productivity of the company.

Task automation for greater efficiency

One of the most important and most appreciated advantages of artificial intelligence is task automation. The more automated the work is, the more time employees have available to make the business more productive. Automation can range from the simplest to the most complex tasks and is increasingly essential in the contemporary business world, as more and more data is generated every day.

The contribution of artificial intelligence to IT management was the theme chosen for the first edition of the IT PEERS Summit. IT PEERS proposes to debate what artificial intelligence tools, machine learning, RPA, and others can do for IT management. A few years ago it was practically impossible to think that there would be machines that could speak and solve problems independently. Whenever artificial intelligence and robots were addressed, we thought of a distant future and believed that that future would never come. Well, the future in which machines are able to help humans autonomously is the present we are living! Artificial intelligence is increasingly used in everyday business. However, it is not yet being fully exploited by organizations and IT PEERS Summit aims to demystify preconceived ideas and discuss how far Artificial Intelligence’s contribution to IT management can go.

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