The impact of artificial intelligence on sales department

O impacto da inteligência artificial no setor de vendas

A survey by McKinsey found that over 40% of time spent on sales actions can be automated. The institute also states that the sales area is one of the most influenced by artificial intelligence and one of the most benefits it can derive from this new technology. Although it is still an area little used by companies, the benefits of using AI in the various sectors of a company are already beginning to be felt. In today’s article, we covered the impact of artificial intelligence on sales!

More personalized customer service

Artificial intelligence has great contributions to marketing. The consumer is the most important person in the whole communication process and based on the data collected (personal information, internet search information, purchasing behavior) it is possible to offer personalized content according to each person’s real preferences. This way, every consumer will feel unique and special and the company will profit from it, especially in this time when people are becoming more informed and demanding. This kind of approach will make customers more loyal to the brand and the company will increase its sales.

More efficient use of data

Artificial intelligence helps to compile data and analyze daily experiences to find patterns and ways to improve. This work, when done by people, is time consuming and susceptible to different kinds of errors. Artificial intelligence systems for data analysis autonomously calculate information to generate essential insights for correct decision making. With experience, machines will be able to learn to predict behavior from both employees and customers, and the likelihood of errors decreases dramatically.

Understand which accounts are most relevant

Sales should focus its attention first on the accounts that are most likely to generate revenue. However, it is not always easy to see which priority accounts are. Predictive analytics through artificial intelligence enable companies to be able to distribute accounts across commercials by geography and by the possibility of sale. This will make sales teams more balanced, which will benefit the company in terms of profit.

Get better follow-ups

Follow ups are great for using Machine Learning, one of the facets of artificial intelligence. You can rely on your lead profile and behavior to predict some actions, such as when the lead reads emails, the best day to cold call, and more. By using AI in this area it is possible to improve the actions and the more information the machine has more correct and objective will be the actions taken. In the end, the expected result is a significant increase in follow-up returns and a corresponding increase in sales.

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